A Song of Ice and Firepower is a Rare mission on the continent of Tind


A rebel state on the continent of Tind has started attacking its neighbors. This, of course, is not a pleasant situation, and they should be handled with force.

Enemy Units

The enemy army (Norrland Forces) is leaderless. There are three units that you have to face, Infantry, and FSK (not to hard to be killed, the only difference being maneuver, 2 to 3) and Mortar Infantry (bit harder).

(Min. Level)


Firepower Armor Manever Health


Other Spawn


(1) Infantry 3 1 2 50 N/A 50%
(1) Mortar Infantry 3 1 2 50 Anti-Infantry 30%
(1) FSK 3 1 3 50 N/A 20%


This isn't a great mission, only giving 400 money and 100 funds, and it doesn't scale with the population. Mortar infantry equipped, or plump tanks can beat it early on, and later, anything can beat it really

Tier 1-3: Do not attempt unless you are using a full division of Plump Tank, or if you already have a full division of T-72's.

Tier 4: Mortar Infantry (Lvl 3-5 should be good).

Tier 5: M1A1 Abrams should be more than enough.

Tier 6-8: MQ-9 Reapers / F-35 Lightnings / T-72 / M1A1

Tier 9-10: Honestly anything dammit (GearHounds, Avengers, Spirits) will do.

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