Ace of Spades is an Epic Mission on San Sebastian


Francesco, the "Ace of Spades", is a legendary mobster with a deep and intense love for card games. We should attack his estate and rob the funds he uses to buy all of his cards.


The enemy army, The Spades, is leaderless. It consists of Mobsters, which are very easy to kill, and Francesco, the Ace of Spades, which is very lethal. and hard to kill, but not necessary.

(Min. Level) Unit Type Firepower Armor Maneuver Health points Spawn Rate
(1) Mobster Infantry 4 1 1 50 100% (max one)
(1) Francesco, the Ace of Spades Special Forces 8 1 1 300 100%


In the early game, a division of mortars with equip should be able to wipe the Mobsters, forcing Francesco into a retreat. This missions give 1000 funds upon beating, what is amazing early game, though as you progress, this amount becomes less and less effective, soon to the point at around 15M population, where Foreign Affairs give you more, what makes this simply a missions to be skipped

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