This is a list dedicated to previous alliances New Deutschland has been in, starting with The Triarii and going up to The Celtic Union, ND's current alliance.

Table Template:

  • Alliance Name
  • Joined (another persons alliance) orCreated (my own alliance)
  • Left (I left another persons alliance) orDisbanded (if disbanded, specified who by)
  • Rank (as compared to other alliances, latest figures available)
  • Members (in alliance, latest figures available)
  • Rank (ND's rank within alliance, latest figures available)
  • Reason for Alliance to be Disbanded (RAD) - Usually when an alliance is disbanded, it is for a reason

1. The Triarii (a.k.a The Imperial Requiem)

The Triarii was the first alliance New Deutschland was in and was also the alliance ND was in the longest. ND was a micro member, who joined a few wars and got attacked a bit by SPQR (as he was the smallest nation to join those wars).

The Triarii
Joined: 28th of April, 2017
Disbanded: ?, by Retekan
Rank: 3rd
Members: 65-70
Rank (within alliance): 15th-20th
RAD: The founder of the Triarii's nation got deleted due to inactivity

2. Apocalypse Now (covered in Iron Horsemen, section 2.1)

Apocalypse Now
Joined: ?
Disbanded: ?, by Fatboy
Rank: 6th-10th
Members: 5
Rank (within alliance): 4th
RAD: AN was disbanded to go and join The Brotherhood, but ND went its own way

3. The Devout/The League of Faith

The Devout/The League of Faith
Created: ?
Disbanded: ?, by Me
Rank: 5th-15th
Members: 3
Rank (within alliance): 2nd
RAD: Merged with Iron Horsemen

4. Iron Horsemen

Iron Horsemen
Joined: ?
Left: ?
Rank: 6th-10th
Members: 5
Rank (within alliance): 4th
RAD: See Iron Horsemen, section 2.2.7: IH Apocalypse

5. Legion

New Deutschland joined Legion momentarily when Par and Fatboy had a big war.

Joined: ?
Left: 2-3 days later
Rank: 1st
Members: 65-70
Rank (within alliance): 30th-50th

6. The Global Syndicate (#1)

The Global Syndicate (#1)
Created: ?
Disbanded: ?, by Me
Rank: 20th-30th
Members: 1
Rank (within alliance): 1st
RAD: Merged with NIH

7. New Iron Horsemen/New Horsemen (covered in Iron Horsemen, section 2.3)

This alliance was basically Iron Horsemen without Fatboy. NIH was disbanded when Fatboy had another go at Par.

New Iron Horsemen/New Horsemen
Joined: ?
Disbanded: ?, by Par
Rank: 6th-12th
Members: 6
Rank (within alliance): 5th
RAD: The IH Apocalypse flared up again

8. The Global Syndicate (#2)

The Global Syndicate (#2)
Created: 6th of Feb, 2018
Disbanded: 15th of Feb, 2018, by Me
Rank: 19th (as of 6.02.18, whether TGS moved up a place between the 6th and the 15th is unknown)
Members: 1
Rank (within alliance): 1
RAD: Merged with The Branding Equestrians

9. The Branding Equestrians

The Branding Equestrians
Joined: 15th of Feb, 2018
Left: 2nd July, 2018
Rank: 3rd (as of 27.06.18)
Members: 7 (as of 27.06.18)
Rank (within alliance): 5th (as of 27.06.18)
RAD: Merged with SoP to form PoP

10. Paladins of Petram

Paladins of Petram
Joined: 2nd of July, 2018
Left: 12th of July, 2018
Rank: 3rd (as of me leaving to go to TGS #3)
Members: 17 (same as above)
Rank (within alliance): 11th (same as above)
Reason for Leaving: New Deutschland wasn't going to be able to be active enough

11. The Global Syndicate (#3)

The Global Syndicate (#3) was created when New Shaggleton and New Deutschland had a bit of a falling out over in-game activity. New Shaggleton eventually persuaded ND to re-join PoP.

The Global Syndicate
Created: 12th of July, 2018
Disbanded: 13th of July, 2018
Rank: 17th (as of 13.07.18)
Members: 1 (as of 13.07.18)
Rank (within alliance): 1st (as of 13.07.18)
RAD: 'Merged' with PoP

12. Paladins of Petram (same alliance as no.10)

The downfall of Paladins of Petram occurred when New Shaggleton and Par were banned and two relatively okay people were put in their place. However, one of them was inactive, so most people left PoP.

Paladins of Petram
Joined: 13th of July, 2018
Left: 14th of August, 2018
Rank: 3rd (as of 14.08.18)
Members: 24 (as of 14.08.18)
Rank (within alliance): 11th (as of 14.08.18)
Reason for Leaving: A new alliance was created (see below)

13. Knights of Petram

I'll admit it myself, I made a mistake joining Knights of Petram (led by good old Winstonfell):|

Knights of Petram
Joined: 14th of August, 2018
Disbanded: 4th of September, 2018
Rank: 3rd (as of 31.08.18)
Members: 25 (as of 31.08.18)
Rank (within alliance): 12th (as of 31.08.18)
Reason for Dissension: Winstonfell (leader) got banned

14. Union of Petram Powers, formerly The Equestrian Sanctuary

TES/UPP started off well, with all three overlords (ArcTheGreat, Tackywheat1 and me) liking each other, but when both of them stepped down, UPP basically collapsed. Although current UPP members don't want to admit it, I was the only reason bigger alliances didn't declare war on them. Eventually, New Deutschland was basically impeached (a tactical blunder on UPP's part) and so ND left the alliance to join TCU.

Union of Petram Powers
Joined: 4th of September, 2018
Left: 22nd of February, 2019
Rank: 5th (as of 28.11.18)
Members: 24 (as of 28.11.18)
Rank (within alliance): 9th (as of 28.11.18)
Reason for Leaving Certain members didn't like New Deutschland anymore

15. The Celtic Union

This is ND's current alliance, a nice fit for me.

The Celtic Union
Joined: 25th of February, 2019
Rank: 6th (as of 29.03.19)
Members: 21 (as of 29.03.19)
Rank (within alliance): 6th (as of 29.03.19)
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