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Andreian Union, is one of the many nations of Tind. Cacinau is the capital, and found in the heart of the nation. It is ruled by President Astrocraft25. The state is known for its technological advancements and extreme industry.


The massive economy, made off of a large income tax, tourism, and mass industry sets it apart from other nations. The government juggles heavy military size and research.


the union's population is steadily growing. The population is hardworking, and very patriotic. Most of the populations is German, but some of other nationalities live in the nation. The largest city is the capital, which is followed narrowly by Simonson and Yorkshire.


Andreian Union's military is powerful, but small. It still manages to be a global power, despite not participating in any major wars.


The coastal nation is entirely developed, with few sightseeing areas. With some help of the technological advancements, the whole nation's skies are famously clear, perfect for it's national animal, the Phoenix. The efficient nation preserves the nature loook, with some smaller cities being entirely built inside mountains.


The gold background stands for the nation's prosperity, the blue for the scientific achivement, and the red for the revolution which brought the nation to be. The center symbol represents the peace, in which the nation has managed to bring about in such an unstable region.

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