Arctic Drill is an Uncommon mission in the continent of Tind

Arctic Drill

Every now and then, The Union of Nations host a military exercise in the northernmost regions of Tind. Even though the exercise is infamous for accidental deaths, we should join in to strengthen our relations with the Union.

Enemy Units

(Min Level)

Unit Name

Firepower Armor Maneuver Health




Spawn rate*
(1) FSK 3 1 3 50 None 40%
(1) Infantry 3 1 2 50 None 30%
(1) M2 Bradley 2 2 2 85 Anti-Infantry 30%


Due to the majority of the mission being infantry, Mortars would be a good choice. However, due to the M2 Bradleys in the mission, it risks deaths. So plump tanks or Navy SEALs are a good choice. This mission awards GP, what isn't the greatest (pun intended), but every little helps.

Tier 2-5: Plumps/Navy SEALs

Tier 6-8: MQ9 Reapers

Tier 9-10: Anything Really

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