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The Emblem of the Armed Forces of Hallenbad.


Propaganda poster made for the Armed Forces of Hallenbad and the DCRH.

The Armed Forces of Hallenbad (Hallenier Alphabet: Нтӫлӵ Яхтёлф хя Днэӭлчмнӵ)is the unified defence force of the Democratic Communist Republic of Hallenbad. It consists of the Hallenier Army, Hallenier Air Force, Hallenier Maritime Defense Force, Hallenier Secret Service and the DCRH Super Defenders. It is always mobilised and ready to tackle a war or threat.

The DCRH, at its height, maintained one of the largest, most advanced and most powerful militaries in Petram. It is was a force to be reckoned with. The DCRH now maintains an advanced military for its Tier, boasting air units like F-35 Lightning II's and experienced, high level special forces like Secret Agents and Navy SEALs

The AFH has every unit that is accessible to a T2. They are units used in Defense and in wars and general Peacekeeping and missions. Due to this, the AFH is an advanced army, holding some of NationsGames' best low tier units.

The AFH has been part of Many wars. Successful and Non-Succesful ones. The AFH was founded upon the principles of "Defending the UCN and Hallenier Motherland". The AFH's countries of enforcement are the Union of Communist Nations and UCN allies.

Flag of the Hallenier Air Force and Hallenier Maritime Defence Force

Flag of the Hallenier Air Force and Naval Jack of the Hallenier Maritime Defense Force.

When the Rose Powers existed, the AFH was enforced there as well. There were many Rose Powers military bases set up in the Hallenier Empire, to research new weapons, and for a meeting place for all the rose leaders. Many of these are now abandoned due to the Disbandment of the Rose Powers. The Rose powers military bases have signs reading "РОСЕ ПОВЕРС - ДЦРХ АНД УЦН ДИВИСИОН" (ROSE POWERS - DCRH AND UCN DIVISION).

As said before, the Armed Forces of Hallenbad is the Unified Defence Force of the DCRH, meaning that it's comprised of some military wings that carry out different tasks. E.g. The Hallenier Air Force (HAF) is mainly Aircraft and the Hallenier Army is mainly Infantry and ground support.

Military Wings of the Armed Forces of Hallenbad

Hallenier Air Force - Hallenbad's airforce that is comprised of many HAF Divisions, expensive and powerful airplanes are used in the HAF to ensure that the DCRH has Air Superiority in Petram and to ensure the survival of the Hallenier Empire.

Hallenier Army - The land forces component of the AFH, It's mainly used for Defense of the UCN and ground support. The Hallenier Army takes part in Peacekeeping missions and regular missions. It's mostly comprised of Navy SEALs, Secret Agents, and Mortar Infantry. The Prized Possession of the Hallenier Army is Mortar Infantry, powerful infantries that can do mass damage onto oncoming Infantry units.

Hallenier Secret Service (HSS) - This is the part of the AFH that is responsible for Crime Scene Investigation, Investigation in general and Anti-Terrorism. The HSS may not be the strongest but it does play an important role.

DCRH Super Defenders - The Division responsible for the Defence of the Democratic Communist Republic of Hallenbad, the units that are within it remain a mystery to even some AFH Officials.

Hallenier Maritime Defence Force - This is the Naval wing of the Armed Forces of Hallenbad. The HMDF is made up of Navy SEALS. FSK used to be apart of the HMDS. If Ships are ever introduced into Nations, They will be Constructed as soon as possible.




The Armed Forces of Hallenbad started small, one division of Infantry as the Offensive, and One division of National Guard as the Defensive. Quite Weak Eh? When the Threat of NATO was inbound all UCN members started training infantry like mad, this nearly wrecked the economy of Hallenbad as the focus of everything went to the miltiary, Two divisions of Infantry were created, In the NATO Wars, they both got slaughtered by Mortar Infantry. It took weeks to recover to a usable, but still weak state. For weaks the AFH consisted of about 6 infantry, that were only Level One. But then the AFH started training more infantry, and also aqquired some Plump Tanks, That divsion levelled up and eventaully started the Re-Form of the Armed Forces of Hallenbad. This was a revolution, More and More divisions were created, and as war with Greater Desert ended, The AFH was quickly becoming a strong military. With lots of powerful Tanks and Aircraft the AFH's Reform had been succesful and is continually growing to this day, to Ensure the Defence of Hallenbad and the UCN members. 

It wasnt long until the AFH had ti be called inti action agai as war loomed around the corner. Arc the Great was coming and with him was a rather strange opponent, one that had the potential to be a deadly foe. But is now one of Hallenbads most trusted allies, vut right now they were the enemy....for Arc had enlisted the help of the United Reich. The Germans were coming for them.

The Fuhrer mobilised his Commandos under Count Von Stauffenburg and the Luftwaffe under Ace Stuka Pilot Rudel. However luckily for Hallenbad, he had his allies defending him and repeled the German invasion both on land and in the air.

However, the Hallenbad Secret service reports that the Ace Pilot Rudel was still alive and managed to eject from his plane. However, the other Luftwaffe pilots were dead...the total destruction of the Luftwaffe was the key that kept the Germans from sending more troops. The Germans had successfully repelledl, however the war was lost as Arc the great managed to Annex Hallenbad and in turn, the Krauts got their share of the war comp.

It was later revealed that the Germans had no ill will towards Hallenbad and that they onky invaded for the money. The AFH and the Reich Wehrmact and Luftwaffe wpuld become colse allies and eventual brothers in arms.

As a sign of peace, the Fuhrer gave Hallenbad the green light to use the wreckage of the Luftwaffe shot down over Hallenbad as resources to build F22s and other equipment. Hallenbad also gave the German pilots a heroes burial that same day


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