Emblem of the UCN and hallenbad-0

The Emblem of the Armed Forces of Hallenbad. This is also the Emblem of Hallenbad.

The Armed Forces of Hallenbad(Htый¬ Яxtёйol xя Дhээй чmh¬) is the military wing of Hallenbad. It is always mobilised and ready to tackle a war or threat and has access to MANY powerful Tanks and Aircraft not to mention GEAR.

The AFH has been succesful in Traning. Most AFH divisions are LVL 5 Plus except for the meme ones. They are reserved for Sacrifice.

The AFH has been part of Many wars. Succesful and Non-Succesful ones. The AFH was founded upon the principles of "Defending the Hallenier Motherland until the last breath" The AFH also defends other UCN members.

Military Wings: The AFH itself has many Military Wings inside of it.

Hallenier Air Force - Airplanes which are ready to attack the enemy and defend Hallenbad no matter what. These Airplanes are Highly sought over Aircraft and are powerful.

DCRH Armoured Divisions: They are not all called DCRH Armoured Divisions, They normally have different and unique names. but they all have one thing in common. They are Divisions made up of powerful tanks.

The DCRH Offensive Divisions - Infantry and Non Armour/Aircraft units fall into this category. GEAR Infantry and Javelins are put into their own seperate divisions.

GI and JAV: These are the Gear Infantry and Javelin divisions.

The DCRH Marxman Squads - These are the GEAR Snipers of the AFH, these guys like to target special forces, however the Marxman Squads are the Most Damaged division in the history of Hallenbad, with over 40 Snipers being slaughtered.

The Hallenier Secret Service (HSS) - This is the wing of the AFH that is responsible for Crime Scene Investigation, Investigation in general and Anti-Terrorism. The HSS may not be the strongest, but play an important role.

DCRH Super Defenders - The Division responsible for the Defence of the Democratic Communist Republic of Hallenbad, this is normally fitted with the most Powerful division in the AFH with Battle Juices, but only is when war is iminent.

Hallenier Maritime Defence Force - This is the Naval wing of the Armed Forces of Hallenbad. The HMDF is made up of Navy SEALS and FSK. If Ships are ever introduced into Nations, They will be Constructed as soon as possible.


There are divisions that do not follow the naming system above.




The Armed Forces of Hallenbad started small, one division of Infantry as the Offensive, and One division of National Guard as the Defensive. Quite Weak Eh? When the Threat of NATO was inbound all UCN members started training infantry like mad, this nearly wrecked the economy of Hallenbad as the focus of everything went to the miltiary, Two divisions of Infantry were created, In the NATO Wars, they both got slaughtered by Mortar Infantry. It took weeks to recover to a usable, but still weak state. For weaks the AFH consisted of about 6 infantry, that were only Level One. But then the AFH started training more infantry, and also aqquired some Plump Tanks, That divsion levelled up and eventaully started the Re-Form of the Armed Forces of Hallenbad. This was a revolution, More and More divisions were created, and as war with Greater Desert ended, The AFH was quickly becoming a strong military. With lots of powerful Tanks and Aircraft the AFH's Reform had been succesful and is continually growing to this day, to Ensure the Defence of Hallenbad and the UCN members. 

It wasnt long until the AFH had ti be called inti action agai as war loomed around the corner. Arc the Great was coming and with him was a rather strange opponent, one that had the potential to be a deadly foe. But is now one of Hallenbads most trusted allies, vut right now they were the enemy....for Arc had enlisted the help of the United Reich. The Germans were coming for them.

The Fuhrer mobilised his Commandos under Count Von Stauffenburg and the Luftwaffe under Ace Stuka Pilot Rudel. However luckily for Hallenbad, he had his allies defending him and repeled the German invasion both on land and in the air.

However, the Hallenbad Secret service reports that the Ace Pilot Rudel was still alive and managed to eject from his plane. However, the other Luftwaffe pilots were dead...the total destruction of the Luftwaffe was the key that kept the Germans from sending more troops. The Germans had successfully repelledl, however the war was lost as Arc the great managed to Annex Hallenbad and in turn, the Krauts got their share of the war comp.

It was later revealed that the Germans had no ill will towards Hallenbad and that they onky invaded for the money. The AFH and the Reich Wehrmact and Luftwaffe wpuld become colse allies and eventual brothers in arms.

As a sign of peace, the Fuhrer gave Hallenbad the green light to use the wreckage of the Luftwaffe shot down over Hallenbad as resources to build F22s and other equipment. Hallenbad also gave the German pilots a heroes burial that same day