About Astria


Astria is a coastal industrious and sprawling socialist nation ruled by Prime Minister DictatorXD. Its capital Aurora is situated on the subtropical continent of San Sebastian.

The tiny borders of Astria surround numerous forests, some mountains, many cleared land, a few lakes, a few rivers, some grasslands and many urban areas.

The known flora is not very diverse and includes some herbs and some apple trees.

The known fauna is very diverse and includes many deer, some cows, numerous sheep and many beehives. Some mackerels, some whales, many sharks and some shrimps are found outside the coast of Astria.

Under the surface the geologists have found tiny amounts of iron, tiny amounts of coal, little sulfur and tiny amounts of bauxite.

The technological advancements of Astria is poor, and their military power is poor.

Geology and Resources.

The known geology and resources of Astria are not very diverse. They known geology of Astria consists of tiny amounts of iron, tiny amounts of coal and tiny amounts of bauxite.


The founding of Astria was very hard as there was a time of bloodshed and war when Astria was declared an independent state. The new nation continued to progress, eventually becoming a very nice nation.


The military of Astria somewhat strong. The main defense and offense divisions of Astria consist of highly trained Secret Agents.


As of 7/26/2020, there are 449,605 Astrian citizens. The Astrian Office Of Immigration is very strict about who is let into the country.

The National Anthem Of Astria:


Music of Cataclysm - War March

The Motto Of Astria: Strength, Bravery, and Courage.

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