Baltic Block is a capitalist republic coastal nation originating on the alpine continent, Tind. The nation also has colonies on Zaheria, Amarino, and San Sebastian. Baltic Block is run by President Freezepond.

Wars and Alliances

Baltic Block is a former member of Northern Union, but later joined United Nations. Baltic Block ended up in a war with England when assisting Nordic Union in a war.

Some time during the age of extermination, Baltic Block became a member of The Communist Bloc.


The blue field in the top left corner represents the ocean of the Baltic coast. The three stars that lay across the field represent the three Baltic states the Baltic Block has cultural tie-ins with. The white bar represents snow, clouds, and mountains, all plentiful within the vast borders. The red bar represents bloodshed from many wars, battles, and military operations. The bottom black bar represents coal and oil, the sources of energy to power the industries of the Baltic Block.

When Baltic Block joined The Communist Bloc, the flag became tinted red to represent communism and higher aggression.

Flag of Baltic Block

A variant of the original Baltic Block flag.

Baltic Block's original flag was a charged triband that consisted of a bright grey top band, bright blue middle band, and a sandy yellow colored bottom band. In the center, there was a defacement in the shape of a circle divided into three sections. In each of the sections there were the flags of the original Baltic states Baltic Block has their cultural ties with.

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