Barcelona is a coastal undeveloped and sprawling capitalist republican nation ruled by President Lionel Messi. It's capital Barca City is situated on the temperate continent of Westburg

Barcelona is a member of the alliance The United Union of Powers.

The small borders of Barcelona surround numerous forest, a few mountains, some cleared land, a few lakes, some rivers, some grasslands, a few tundra and numerous urban areas.

The known fauna is somewhat diverse and includes numerous cows and many sheep. Plenty of cods are found outside the coast of Barcelona.

Under the surface the geologists have found tiny amounts of iron, some coal, tiny amounts of marble, tiny amounts of gold, tiny amounts of sliver, tiny amounts of bauxite and little lead.

The technological advancements of Barcelona is weak, and their military power is adequate.

Great Cities of Barcelona


Queenstown was use to be a settlement for the first people to visit Barcelona. Queenstown is home to the Queen's Palace which was built back in the year: 1256. Queen Lucy was the queen at that time. Today Queenstown is the 2nd most populated city with the population just under 85,000.

Barca City

Barca City was the capital of Barcelona. Barca City is located in the Gorge Valley. Barca City's population is at 90,674 in 2019 making it the most populated city in Barcelona. Barca City was struck by 2 tornadoes in history. The first tornado was in 2001 when a F2 tornado hit the Barca Neighborhood of Barca City. The 2nd tornado was a EF4 tornado that struck the Sport Neighborhood of Barca City in 2017.


Newpunk is one of the fastest growing cities in Barcelona; gaining 167 residents every month and gaining 2,004 residents every year. In 2010 the population of Newpunk was at 10,843 and in 2011 the population was at 12,847. Newpunk is a coastal city located along the big lake of Castle Lake. Reasons why the the population is growing fast is because Newpunk is one of the safest city in Barcelona. The most dangerous city is Sportsville.

Architect Town

Architect Town is a town located in the Architect Mountain Range. It is the biggest Mountain Range in Barcelona. Smaller mountain ranges cover the country which includes the Geography Range. Architect Town is famous for its architecture builds like the famous Obelisk. Architect Town also known as the Engineering City has the population just under 8,500.

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