Flag of Blaze

Flag of Blaze

The nation of Blaze is a upper-tier, capitalist republic nation run by President Blazer in San Sebastian, and is very industrious, having over 1000 farms and factories. It is a relatively peaceful nation that will only attack when provoked. Blazer currently heads the Dragon Warriors


The economy of Blaze is based on trades. The nation itself trades daily for money along with resources. It is a major exporter of food, consumer goods, and ammo. Other than trades, they sell most of our food on the market for a reasonable price. It's production is top 5 in the world of Petram, and the nation itself is top 10 in the entire Petram. Their technology is top in the world as well. It continues to grow and prosper in all aspects.


Although their military is not the best in the world, it is in the top 25. They can defend themselves very well in wartime. They also have many Mechs are not afraid to use them in wartime.

Wars and Alliances

The nation of Blaze is currently the commander of the Dragon Warriors alliance.

Age of Extermination:

Along with Ceres, he started the Age of Extermination. Coined by the Baltic State

The Multi Ringers Wars:

This began when a nation named arnold's land started threatening Blazer with inappropriate and unjustified messages. A nation named The Internet left the alliance of Tyranical T-Rexs, arnold's land's alliance(renames every week). The leader of the alliance had a lot of multiple account in-game that Blazer had found out due to intel from The Internet. The nations of Aljaysh Almaeiz and Orge's Land attacked the nation of Blaze in jealousy of The Internet joining DW. Knowing that these are multis of arnold, he attacked arnold's land. Blazer announced this war on the forum. Almost every alliance is involved with the conflict. This conflict is a current event. 


The Flag of Blaze depicts fire, and a stylized flaming dragon. This dragon looks fierce, though it is not a fire-breathing dragon, but an ice-breathing dragon.  

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