Current State of Branditon

Around a few months ago Branditon Collapsed due to problems the nation was experiencing. on August 21st 2019, The old leader(HaresSae) Returned and re-established Branditon as The Brand Republic, a republic whose leader is pretty much a dictator, an election for the next leader is held once the current leader dies. The Brand Republic Page:


Brand is the Primary Language of Branditon. Branditon's Secondary Language is English. Brand is VERY VERY similar to English so people don't have to learn English for a long time. The words are usually just one letter different than the other language.

Branditoni Pronouncations

Branditon Citizens are called Brand(Br-and) while the country's adjective is Branditoni(Br-and-ih-tha-an-e). Branditon is pronounced(Br-and-ih-tha-an)


Branditon is a coastal industrious and sprawling socialist nation ruled by Prime Minister HaresSae. Its capital Brand City is situated on the temperate continent of Westberg.

Branditon is a member of the alliance Sui Generis Order.

The world-covering borders of Branditon surround innumerable forests, some jungles, numerous mountains, a few deserts, innumerable cleared land, innumerable lakes, numerous rivers, plenty of grasslands, many tundra and innumerable urban areas.

The known flora is very diverse and includes numerous rubber trees, some unicorn grass, many grapevines, some herbs, some hemp, some tobacco plants, a few cocoa trees, numerous apple trees, some coffea, some cacti, many kingwood, numerous oak trees, numerous hops, numerous silk and plenty of cotton.

The known fauna is very diverse and includes a few buffalos, innumerable deer, innumerable cows, innumerable sheep, a few boars, a few goats, innumerable beehives, a few yaks, innumerable foxes, innumerable panthers and many elephants. Innumerable mackerels, innumerable cods, plenty of whales, innumerable sharks, numerous piranhas, innumerable salmon, innumerable bass, innumerable shrimps and many clams are found outside the coast of Branditon.

Under the surface the geologists have found loads of iron, loads of coal, a decent amount of uraninite, tiny amounts of stonesilver, little sulfur, a decent amount of saltpeter, little marble, loads of gold, loads of silver, little platinum, a decent amount of bauxite, little gemstones and loads of lead.

Like few other nations a decent amount of crude deep sea oil and loads of petroleum is found within the Branditoni borders.

The technological advancements of Branditon is adequate, and their military power is adequate.

History (Wars)

Branditon has been through a lot. Many wars were fought in Branditon (seven wars in total). The first one was with Flanders and resulted in a victory with the peace treaty being that Flanders shall be annexed. The second one was with New Shaggleton. New Shaggleton was a higher tier than Branditon. How he declared is unknown. The result was a loss (to Branditon). As a result, Branditon was annexed. The third war was with Ivonia which resulted in a white peace. The fourth war was with Nautilus and it resulted in a white peace. The fifth war was with The Commonwealth and it resulted in a white peace. The sixth one was with Haalnda and Tecton. On February 18th 2018 when PES collasped one alliance called "Can you don't" was targeted by many people. One of those people were Branditon. People who attacked them were mostly successful and should've gotten at least three million people and the people in "Can you don't" have been banned for cheating. The people Branditon took in that war were made citizens because there were too many of them. The seventh war was with Trantor. The war ended with Trantor destroying a useless obelisk.

Current Day Branditon

Branditon is the 8th Greatest nation in the World, and the 3rd in Westberg. Branditon is the most populated nation. Branditon has few factories and lacks in production. It has the 15th biggest Production GP in the world. Branditon has the 3rd Greatest military. Branditon is 7th in technology. Branditon has the most culture.

The People of Branditon

Branditon has about 70 million people. About 20 million people in Branditon are Natives. About 50 million people are citizens. Branditon has signed the annex act that addresses conquered people.


Citizens can vote and have power in the government. Most Citizens are farmers. Many Citizens are Muslims (About 68%) but there are a lot of people with other religions. Life in the Branditoni mainland is great. Most people are employed and aren't in poverty. About 15,000,000 people live in Brand City today. About 5,000,000 people live in areas around brand city. Citizens live in normal climates. Taxes for citizens are 5%.


Natives live in Colonies. Natives Are treated very fairly. They have their own council called "The Native Council", in which one law every day gets sent to the Main Government to review if to pass it or not. Natives Are VERY Happy with the Government. The Government has never put troops in Colonies. The Native Population is growing very quickly. Most Natives aren't in poverty and most Natives are employed. Natives live in the Jungle. The Government Colonises the jungles. Taxes for Natives are 5%.

Branditoni Revolution

Branditon Had to go to many wars to become a nation. it took more than 500 years for branditon to become a nation. it all started in 1492 where the culture Brand began. New people began to settle in the area known today as Branditon. A new Culture was made of the Settlers. In 1502 Nations began to claim the lands of Branditon. The Nations treated Branditonis Very Unfairly. they barely gave them any food and taxed them at a really high rate. Some Settlers fought back and had uprisings. One of the most Popular and Famous Uprising was called "Duc Rovolte Uf Dinar". It was in 1534. where all the Revolters Gathered in Nuim(A small city) and murdered all the guards. the Uprising was kind of Successful. the Guards were killed but the nations that controlled branditon did not like this and force them to pay extra taxes. in 1564 the nations that controlled branditon put a stop to the uprisings in "Duc Revolte Ind" where they killed anyone that protested. there were few revolts after that until one of the major nations that controlled branditon collasped in 1689. Everyone was fighting each other after that. Poverty in Branditon was high as ever and there were guns everywhere. Protest and Revolts were common. in 1713 a nation called "Buin" Controlled most of Branditon. Revolts and Uprisings wernt as common anymore. In 1983 Buin collasped. this time The Brand Culture had its own nation. it was called Branditon. Branditon was offically founded in 1990 January 28th. but it had no leader. in 2017 someone called "Hares" took control. when hares took control Branditon only had 0.7% of the lands that had Brand culture and only 50,000 population but now it has all the lands with Brand culture and around 70 MILLION population.

The Empire of Buin

The Empire of Buin Began in 1672. it started outside of the Brand culture area. 1/3 of its land was Brand at the height of its glory. it treated Brand People unfairly but not too unfairly. at around 1981 Buin Started to Face problems and 2 years later it collapsed.

The collapse of Buin

Buin started to fall around the 1960s in 1982 it had lost 1/3 of its land and it collasped in 1983. In 1955 the Heir had a very weak claim to the throne. In 1963 the Emperor died at the age of 59. The heir was 21. The heir got the throne but the people wanted another person to rule. the person they wanted to rule was the emperor's oldest son who had been banished for suggesting to invade their ally at the age of 16. he was now 27. he quickly assembled an army and marched for Buin's Capital "Flore". when they arrived it was 1965. both of the armies were equally sized. Suddenly the Army arrived and immediately started firing. eventually the army lost. the younger heir had won. he was now the new emperor of Buin. but the people didnt like him. in 1968 a few countries were founded in Buin. Buin Sent its armies and crushed them. then again in 1972. Buin sent its army again and it's army barely survived. then in 1976 a bunch of countries began to be founded. Buin Sent it's armies but they didn't come back. the nations were still alive. Buin slowly started to crumble. in 1983 a few nations invaded Flore and hung the emperor. The empire of Buin was no more.

Map of Branditon

The Biggest City in Branditon is Brand City(Population:15,000,000),The 2nd is Nuim(Population:12,500,000), 3rd is Vrabin(Population:11,000,000), 4th is Joapoisi(Population:7,500,000),5th is Ustin(Population:5,000,000),6th is Zayu(Population:3,750,000),7th is Toikie(3,000,000),8th is Vamon(Population:2,000,000),9th is Flanders(Population:1,000,000), and 10th is Qeren(Population:350,000). Branditon has many other small cities.

Branditons Cities Page (More Info): ☀


Branditon has a Great Military. Branditons Military is growing.


The Branditoni Mainland is on Westburg. The branditoni Colony lands are in Amarino. Branditon also has conquered lands on Westburg and Zaharia. their is some kind of coastline in all of these lands. The total area of Branditon is around 35,000 Square KM(Kilometers).

Branditoni Mainland

The Mainland has many physical features. the Fery river delta lies in the borders of Branditon. the lands along the river are very fertile and made Branditoni people very rich. the Fery river starts in central Westburg and goes all the way down into South-western Westburg and into Branditon. Brand City is adjacent to the ocean and the Fery river. Branditon also has some of the Opurium Mountain range. The range lies in Southern Westburg near the coast. The highest Mountain in Branditon is Mt.Ryic(Re-ink). The highest peak of Mt.Ryic is 25,824 Feet (7871 meters)above sea level. Most of Branditon are Urban areas and forests. the rest are grasslands and cleared land. the Branditoni mainland has lots of lakes. In total the mainland has 6 lakes.

Colony lands

Branditon also has colony lands. the river "Tio" ends at the colony lands. it starts south and then goes up north to the colony lands where it ends. there are no mountains in the colony lands. the colony lands are mostly urban areas and Jungles.

Conquered lands

there is no significant physical feature in the Conquered lands.


Branditon Imports and Exports a ton of stuff


The Branditoni Imports are Consumer goods


The Branditoni Exports are Ammunition


Branditon has been in only one alliance and that is Sui Generis Order. Branditon joined after about a day after Branditon was made soo its been there for a while.

Branditoni Constitution


Fun facts

Branditon has the most coins in the game. it is not confirmed but nobody has said they have more coins with proof. they just said its impossible. This was cause by a bug. moderators, please fix.

Branditoni Sports

Cricket is Branditon's National Sport. Branditon also does soccer. Both Soccer and Cricket are almost equally famous throughout Branditon. Branditons Sport Team is LOA

The Lafe

The Lafe(La-Fee) is a Black flower only found in Branditon. It symbolizes Death and Unhappiness. it is the most popular flower in Branditon. it is found near near the mid-southern coastline. There are alot of Lafes near and in Brand City. the most Lafes are located a little southern than brand city in between Brand city and vamon. Lafes are very important to Brands. they are definitely not used as a gift.

Black flower

Famous Branditoni foods

Branditon has a lot of famous foods. one of them is called Olium. it is Chicken meat, mayo, species, and maybe some fruits like cucumbers or pickles(not onions or tomatoes) wrapped in very soft bread. everything in it is hot. People usually drink soda with it.

Famous Quotes

You need to have Weakness to have strength - A Branditoni Revolutionary named Juinac Vium

You are only free in your homeland - A unknown Branditoni revolutionary telling People that are escaping Branditon

I would rather die today than to never be free - A young revolutionary boy

FUR FREIDIUM UND FUR DUC REVOLTEOINAY - Famous war cry of the Branditoni Revolutionaries

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