• Britinia is an nation located in the continent of Amarino leaded by the great leader kebab324


Britinia is a former british colony situated in the continent of Amarino,after many revolt against the local goverment,the british decided to give them freedom after 300 of colonisation from France,Then Germany(for the most part) and after Brittain.Not long after its indepandance,the goverment collasped since it was not prepared enough to maintain the nation toghether due to large ethnicity tension.not long after,in the capital province of Londre,a miracle tomthe nation happen,a millitary leader with amazing skills in politic of the nation managed to be elcted as president of the city,not long after,he began negociation with other Britinian states around him and managed to reunite the 3 main Province of the country.Not long after,he started a long conquest to unite all former states with an army none of the pther could dream to compete with.After many years,he managed with the help of his people to unite the country.Its also after thoose years that little by litle,the rule was becoming more and more dictatural and its also when the country began extansive expansion that continue to this day.

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