Chapter 2: The Missing Envoy

Chapter 2: The Missing Envoy is an uncommon missions on the continent of San Sebastian, and is part of a

group of chapter missions. This missions also takes 1 day for the division to get there, and one day to get back.


Scouting mission?! More like a bear stumbling across a weirdly displaced jar of honey! Shots fired! Shots goddamn fired!! The envoy is missing, but his briefcase was left on the scene. Send some units to fetch it. We're in deep now.

Enemy Units

The enemy army (Search Party) is leaderless. There are only three units that you have to face, Navy SEALS (be careful of these, though in small numbers) and MQ-9 Reapers (be careful of these also) and Infantry (little threat).



Type Firepower Armor Maneuver Health Points Other Spawn Rate
(1) MQ-9 Reaper Air 3 1 3 45 Anti-Tank


100% (max 2)
(1) Navy SEALs Special


4 1 4 50 +50% on Offense,

+50% against infantry

(1) Infantry Infantry 3 1 2 50 None 90%


This missions rewards some money, not substantial, and 'Contract: Chapter 3: Neighbouring Nations Tremble', what then can give you more missions.

This battle means that you cannot spawn in other missions, so lower upkeep troops are good to send here. However, this is only obtainable if you intend to do it, as it only spawns if you have exhausted a Contract and is mainly done in order to get the GEARHOUND Prototype, what is a very powerful, but relatively cheap unit.

Due to the lower spawn rates, snipers/mortars/MG infantry/Plump tanks are all good choices to send, though have to be above level 5 with rare equip. This is usually attempted at Tier 8, so these shouldn't be a problem.

One other heads up while doing chapter missions: if you have 2 ready to complete, complete the higher chapter one, as it may glitch out, and delete the other missions, so it is better to lose the 'worse one'

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