Chapter 3: Neighboring Nations Tremble is the third chapter mission of which the grand prize of which is a GEARHOUND Prototype.


This briefcase... This is bad. The Union of Nations inspectors never found anything like this. We're not prepared. A weapon like this needs a particular resource to function. The rogue state of Yiel exports amounts worth concern. We should stop them. For the stability of this world!

Enemy Units

The Yiel Garrison is lead by Major Dino Fratelli (20/45). The enemy units are all level one, and consist of a mix of Concrete Bunkers, Fortified Bunkers, Engineers, National Guards, Leopard 2s, and F-22 Raptors.

(Min. Level) Unit Type Firepower Armor Maneuver Health Points Other Spawn Rate
(1) Concrete Bunker Static 2 4 2 150 Can only be put in defensive positions ?
(1) Fortified Bunker Static 3 6 3 225 Can only be put in defensive positions 100%
(1) Engineer Special forces 3 1 2 50 Buff against static units, reduces damage against static units ?
(1) National Guard Infantry 2 1 1 50 Buff on defense 40%
(1) Leopard 2 Armor 4 2 3 130 N/A 30%
(1) F-22 Raptor Air 4 3 5 80 Buff against air units 30%


This mission is similar to The Impenetrable Norrland Wall, but is slightly easier because all of the units are level one instead of level six. Sending low-level Air units is not advised, as the F-22 Raptors will destroy them. Instead, send high-level Armor units or high-level GEAR Infantry.
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