Chapter 4: Preemptive Strike is the fourth chapter mission of which the grand prize of which is a GEARHOUND Prototype. Chapter 4 itself isn't really worth it but is necessary if you want to get a Prototype for Chapter 5.


What?! The Yiel uranium facilites were empty?? We're too late. Desperate situations require desperate measures. Go for the snake's head. Alba Nera will burn for their misguided ambitions.

Enemy Units

The Alba Nera Garrison is lead by Lieutenant Marrone (30/30). The level one enemy units are Fortified Bunkers, TyZ UAV Engineers, A10 Thunderbolts, and National Guards.

(Min. Level) Unit Type Firepower Armor Maneuver Health Points Other Spawn Rate
(1) Fortified Bunker StaticIcon Static 3 6 3 225 100%
(1) TyZ UAV Engineer InfantryIcon Special Forces 4 3 2 75 Buff against static units Reduces damage against static units 100%
(1) A10 Thunderbolt AirIcon Air 3 2 3 55 Buff against Armor units 30%
(1) Avenger AirIcon Air 4 2 5 70 Buff against Infantry and Armor units 30%
(1) National Guard InfantryIcon Infantry 2 1 1 50 Bonus strength on home territory 40%

Be aware that the National Guards will get the bonus strength on home territory because they are defending.


This mission is similar to the previous Chapter mission, Chapter 3: Neighbouring Nations Tremble, but is harder. Any kind of high-level Air, Armor, or GEAR Infantry units will be able to beat this mission. Try to avoid sending in low-level Armor or Infantry units, as A10 Thunderbolts and Avengers have buffs against them.

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