Chapter 5: The Black Hounds of Alba Nera is and exclusive mission on the continent San Sebastian. It is only available by completing all previous chapter missions.


As the last of the Alba Nera garrison crumble and flee, an eerie silence emerge among the clouds of smoke and dust. But not for long. The silence is broken by a series of thumps that can only be described as metallic footsteps galloping in the distance. The sound grows louder. And louder.


The enemy army (The Black Hounds of Alba) is lead by the Hound Whisperer Uriel. There are two units that you have to face, GEARHOUND Prototype (easy with the right troops), and the GEARHOUND WarHead (a bit harder, but easy, still with the right units)

(Min Unit Level)


Firepower Armor Maneuver Health Points Other Spawn Rate
(1) GEARHOUND WarHead 7 7 4 245 N/A 100% (Max 1)
(1) GEARHOUND Prototype 6 6 3 200 N/A 100%


This mission can be only assessed at Tier 8, and at that point, unequipped level Javelin Infantry can solo it (Fafa has seen it in some logs). It is a easy mission, given the right units, and it gives the GEARHOUND Prototype, a very strong unit.

This can also be used to train up Tank Destroyers, due to the all-armor enemy team, but has not been added to #Insane-Notes so not much detail can be added

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