The lore behind the CRE is a rather complex one, the CRE is the result of the ambitions of the Enclave Corporation; a large Mega-Corporation formed in the United Amborian States.  The Enclave Corporation provided many services and products in many different industries inside the UAS, such as transportation, healthcare, military, ETC.  This contributed to the power the Enclave Corporation gathered over its lifetime, the Enclave founded its own private military which in time rivaled that of the UAS itself.  The UAS government in response, attempted to destroy the Enclave Corporation via anti-trust laws.  The result was many years of battle in the courtroom, the case known as Enclave Corp. V.S. UAS is well known and taught in CRE schools, as the catalyst to the Enclave's war for independence. The case was won by the United Amborian States, and it was decided that the Enclave would be splintered into many smaller companies.  Although, the executives of the Enclave had another plan in mind.  Previously, the Enclave was the largest contributor to public healthcare and the protection and advancement of the Amborian people.  Therefore, the Amborian people began to love the Enclave, and support for the Corporation sky-rocketed.  After the case had ended, the Enclave mobilized its followers and military; starting the Enclavian Revolutionary War. 

Enclavian Revolutionary War

      The United Amborian States was a federal representative republic, and took its form from 36 states.  The Enclave surprised the UAS with Operation Anbourough (A operation in which the future capital was named after). Operation Anbourough was launched when the Enclave quickly and efficiently destroyed more than half of the state governments, and immediately annexing the territories held by the states.  The Enclave Corporation than implemented a Corporate Republic and became known as the Corporate Republic of the Enclave.  Fighting took place for 3 years afterward between the CRE and UAS until Enclave forces marched into the UAS capital of Ambor and raised the Flag of the Enclave.        

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