Dul Kaddir Convoy Interception is an uncommon mission on the continent of Zaheria.


A heavily armed Dul Kaddir convoy is expected to pass through the T'el valley, opening up an opportunity for us to strike and intercept.

Enemy Units

The enemy army (the Dul Kaddir Convoy) is lead by a Cadet. There are three units that you have to face, Volvo Repair Trucks (easily killed), T-72 Tanks (harder) and M2 Bradleys (also harder).

(Min. Level) Unit Type Firepower Armor


Health Points Other Spawn Rate
(6) Volvo Repair Truck Armor 2 3 4 94 Reduces damage against friendly Armor units 100%
(6) T-72 Tank Armor 4 5 3 143 50%
(6) M2 Bradley Armor 3 3 3 94 Anti-Infantry 50%

Whilst it has not been definitively proven, it appears that at the most only two Volvo Repair Trucks will spawn.


This is a great mission for higher tier nations who need a boost in Metal (as you can easily get at least 2000 metal per battle), and it also gives a mystery box. The best units for this mission are as follows (all equipped):

Tier 1-3: Don't attempt, as your only units will probably be Infantry and maybe Armor, which will be useless against the enemy units

Tier 4-5: RPG Infantry (preferably higher than Lvl 5)

Tier 6-8: Tank Destroyers, Javelins

Tier 9-10: Honestly anything (GearHounds, Avengers, Spirits) will do.

While it is possible to beat Dul Kaddir with Lvl 1 RPGs it isn't advised because M2 Bradleys can rip through them.

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