Enderclan is a coastal industrious and sprawling capitalist republican nation ruled by President Enderstar. Its capital Enderclan City is situated on the subtropical continent of San Sebastian. Enderclan is a member of the alliance Union of Communist Nations, although not communist nor socialist. It used to be part of the Impor Union until the great Kjuniks Fiasco occurred. The vast borders of Enderclan surround many forests, many jungles, a few mountains, many cleared land, some lakes, some rivers, many grasslands and innumerable urban areas. Under the surface the geologists have found some sulfur. The technological advancements of Enderclan is adequate, and their military power is adequate.


The people of Enderclan are known as Enderclanners. Although there many races in Enderclan, the primary language is English. Most people are cyborgs, so they can speak and understand the different languages. Enderclanners like various EDM and Dubstep, although there are a handful of other songs that they like as well.

Military Layout:

Enderclan's military is organized under a nickname based on the units in the division, then assigned a number 2-10. The first unit is known as the Leader. For example: A division of A10 Thunderbolts nicknamed Thor's Hammer would be named TH Leader, TH 2, TH 3, etc.


Enderclan's economy is not good for its tier. They cannot produce petroleum and therefore fuel to supply the military. Enderclan also cannot access uraninite, bauxite, unicorn grass, and stone-silver due to continent selection. On the other hand, Enderclan has found lots of sulfur, which is good for ammunition. Enderclan does not like AG Bourbon, as it causes nothing but problems for the good people of Enderclan.


Enderclan vs Tucson: Due to the Global Defense Initiative disbanding, Enderclan saw an opportunity to attack Tucson. Upon encountering no defense, Enderclan demanded some of Tucson's land.

Enderclan vs United Illinois: Takamakura wanted a war with just level 1 medics without equipment. Unfortunately, Tsar Ras's and Neu Katzland's defense divisions didn't withdraw in time, so the war ended with a score of 1-1 and white peace.
New Flag 5

Military Flag of the Enderclan.

Military Flag

Enderclan has made a flag for its military, replacing the divide and icons with a reticle, indicating the decent accuracy of its units.

Facts About Enderstar:

  • Loves tanks and tank history.
  • Likes the colors purple, green, and black.
  • He can take on four different forms: a tank, a cat, an umbreon, and a human.
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