Foreign Affairs is a common mission on the continent of Westberg.

Foreign Affairs

Hey! Look over there, Mr. President! *Boom!* *Boom!* Take the cash and run, dammit!

Enemy Units

The enemy is only Secret Agents and lacks a leader.

(Min Unit Level)


Firepower Armor Maneuver Health


Other Spawn Rates
(1) Secret Agent 4 2 3 50 +20%





It is one of the few missions that give funds, and it is the second most funds yielded (T10 please confirm) and can be beaten by unequipped level 1 snipers. Yes, you heard me, and it can be used to train snipers.

Tier 1-3: Attempting with Infantry units is not a good idea, due to the fact that Secret Agents have a buff against Infantry. Armor would be a better choice (even plumps)

Tier 4-6: Snipers

Tier 7-10: GEAR Snipers would probably beat them the easiest. Anything really, except air because for some strange reason Secret Agents are good against Air

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