Funds are an semi-essential part of NationsGame. They are used for healing boosts and for card packs, which can give you various benefits.


There are several different ways of obtaining funds.

Through Missions

Most missions will give you funds. The best missions for obtaining funds are Foreign Affairs, Rumble in the... Never mind and Little Brother Wants Out, which will give you plenty of funds.

Through Quests

There is a daily quest, Proving Grounds (see below) which when you kill eight enemy units, will give you 100 funds.

Fund Quest

Through Daily Rewards

Depending on how active you are, you can earn up to 5,000 funds a day. These bonus funds will get added to your current balance. You'll receive funds for logging on each day, but can receive more daily reward funds by doing missions, quests, etc. Players who have bought Premium can get up to 15,000 funds a day.

Through Other Methods

You can also get funds from Mystery Boxes and also get funds from discarding cards. The amount of funds you get per card is as follows:

Card Type for Regular for Foil
Common 5 Funds 224
Uncommon 20 447
Rare 80 894
Epic 320 1789
Legendary 950 3082


You can use funds for both card packs and healing units.

Card Packs

Cards are a good part of Nations if you want some cheap resources.

Healing Boosts

Healing boosts are useful for un-experienced units that you don't want to die. The amount of funds used for each unit varies, depending on the unit you are healing. Beware that you can only heal a unit twice per battle.

In-depth fund guide (by Sam J/G)

Guide to making funds!

In this guide, I will try my best to summarise everything you need to know about gaining funds and about being efficient with your funds so that you will have lots to spare. These tips will help everyone but some will be more suited to low-tiers or high-tiers. I have managed to get ~90k funds at Tier 2 and it honestly wasn't that difficult.

This tip is more for lower tiers. Every day at the reset you can get a guaranteed 100 funds from the Daily Rewards, this stops at Tier 3 or 4 though if I recall correctly. You will also stop getting daily funds after you forget to claim it one day, which will stop you from getting any more daily funds. You can also get another 100 funds through the 'Proving Grounds' quest which rewards you with 100 funds once you've killed 8 enemy units, which isn't that hard as long as you've got a decent division.

You can get a decent chunk of funds from missions, if you are a low tier and have a tank division or have Secret Agents/Navy SEALs then you should be able to do Foreign Affairs & other fund missions easily. A common mistake that I see new players making is that they send infantry, don't send Infantry! Secret Agents have a buff against Infantry and you are highly likely to lose! Fund payouts from missions scale with population, at Tier 10 you can expect up to 2.2k from Foreign Affairs but at Tier 2 you can expect a measly 80-150 funds. If you are continually sending your division(s) to Foreign Affairs throughout the day you can expect your fund stockpile to grow significantly. Note: The best missions for obtaining funds are Foreign Affairs, Rumble in the... Never mind and Little Brother Wants Out, which will give you plenty of funds.

You can get funds from Mystery Boxes & discarding any cards. Only discard useless cards. Mystery Box rewards can give from 300-3000 funds. FYI: Mystery Boxes come from Uncommon missions, these missions tend to be harder so only do them if you have a good enough military, the loss isn't worth it.

By far the best way to get lots of funds quite quickly is through selling. Every day or every other day, there are normally card sales that offer card packs at discounted prices. These card packs that go on sale can have high chances of Legendaries & Epic Cards. Depending on what legendaries and epic's you get, you could get up to 10k funds from a single card. Through this method you're making a massive net profit as the card packs are on sale, they can go up to 80% off sometimes so if you buy 5 card packs @ 200 each, you're spending 1k funds, if you get a single legendary from that you'll be able to sell it for around 5-7k funds, that's a net profit of 4-6k. Epic cards can go for around the same but it depends on what card you get. I don't recommend buying card packs any other time if you're trying to make funds, just buy the card packs that are on sale. I mentioned mystery boxes earlier and how you can get funds from them; you can also get card packs from them and sometimes you might be able to get an epic which could get you a decent amount for a 100% profit as you spent nothing on them. Check the auction house as well, you might find someone selling a legendary/epic for cheaper than the normal market price, you could then sell it on for more but make sure to not overprice your cards.

Selling cards that I got from sales is how I got most of my funds, you can get a lot even as a low tier but don't waste your funds on regular card packs if you're really trying to be efficient and save them up. Use them for healing boosts and sales.

For information about card packs & cards themselves, please look at the wikia's page about them.

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