Fyrstfólk is a small mountain nation.


A citizen of Fyrstfólk is "Fyrstmen". "Fyrsti" refers to the country or something from Fyrstfólk.


Pre-Settlement Era

Before Fyrstfólk was settled, it was settled in the rather large Skínandi Mountain range, which is a large range with pockets of forest near the coastline of Tind. There are also plenty of mountain rivers and lakes running through the area.

Original Settlement (~10-500 CE)

Fyrstfólk was originally settled by the great tribe of Fyrst. It is suspected to have been settled around 10 CE, however, there is some debate around this year by historians.

The original Fyrst people had managed to find and dig caves near the mountain in order to survive, and went into the forests to hunt. There are still some tools from this era in forests today.

The tribe seemed to have just developed the written Fyrsti system when disaster struck in the form of an invasion from a strange nearby tribe. Many people were taken, and little was spared. The leader at the time, Chief Collins, was taken, and the tribe dwindled without a strong leadership.

The Dark Ages (~500-800 CE)

Fyrstfólk was subject to a very dark, deep time. Human contact was rare, and sexual assault among those who met was high. Many caves lost human inhabitants, and many early drawings were scratched up by bears and other various animals. There is not much written about this time, or in this time, and it is poorly documented.

Tribal Divisions (~700-1200 CE)

The Fyrst tribe was no longer one tribe, but due to kidnapping, assault, raids and more, they ended up in several smaller tribes. The Blóðfyrst were the warriors who were notorious for brutally killing all not a part of their land.