GEAR Infantry
GEAR Infantry are one of the best Infantry units in the game. They have the highest Firepower and HP of any Infantry unit and can be useful for mission skipping. They can also be relatively useful in wars.

GEAR Infantry also have two variants: Javelin Infantry, who have a buff against Armor units and GEAR Snipers, who have a buff against Special Forces

GEAR Infantry have an upkeep of 5 Money, 3 Food and 2 Ammunition. GEAR Snipers and Javelin Infantry both have an upkeep of 5 Money, 3 Food and 1 Ammunition.


GEAR Infantry have two variants, GEAR Snipers and Javelin Infantry. See below for a side-by-side view of the three units

GEAR Sniper

GEAR Snipers have lower stats than GEAR Infantry and a lower upkeep, but that is made up for by a buff against Special Forces. They are, essentially, a better version of Snipers.

Javelin Infantry

Javelin Infantry have the same stats as GEAR Snipers but instead of having a buff against Special Forces they have a buff against Armor. They are an upgraded version of RPG Infantry
Javelin Infantry

Background image for Javelin Infantry


All three types of GEAR Infantry are only obtainable through the Unit Shop. GEAR Infantry also cost slightly more to train.

Background image for GEAR Snipers

To recruit GEAR Infantry and variants, you need a Level 5 Barracks, which is available at Tier 8.


GEAR Infantry, Snipers and Javelins (or Javs) don't have enough HP to compete with higher tier units such as B-2 Spirits and GEARHOUND WarHeads so it's not recommended to use them for wars.

GEAR Infantry don't require much watching. They have high enough HP that you can send them on missions/peacekeeping without having to watch them carefully. Once they reach higher levels they become great as you can use them as mission skippers.

GEAR Snipers are great if you keep getting missions like Foreign Affairs where the only enemy units are Special Forces. You can send GEAR Snipers on other missions and peacekeeping but it's probably recommended to equip them and wait until higher levels.

Javelin Infantry are similar to GEAR Snipers in that they are great against the unit they have a buff against but aren't so good against other units. For Javelin Infantry, send them on easy missions (most common missions) and Dul Kaddir Convoy Interception until they have levelled up a couple of times. At that point it'll be safer to send them on other missions and/or peacekeeping.


  • While GEAR Infantry have the same background image as RPG Infantry, they do not have a buff against Armor.
  • GEAR Snipers and Snipers have the same background image.
  • Despite being capable of locking onto aircraft in real life, Javelin Infantry do not have a buff against Air units.
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