Great Nordland, officially known as the Federal Republic of the United States of Great Nordland, is a federal constitutional republic situated on the northern Westberg, hence the name. The United States of Great Nordland is comprised of 12 states, and a federal capital district, Strivehamshire. It is ruled by President Rebecca Walters. The Great Nordland is mostly known for its scenic mountain valleys.


Great Nordland's thriving economy is led by oil production, with significant contributions from arms manufacturing, energy production, and food producing. Great Nordland's average GDP (nominal) per capita is $75,840 and its total GDP is $2.2 trillion (as of March 25, 2016)


Great Nordland's military force, the Nordlandian Armed Forces is one of the largest and the most powerful military in the world of Petram, thus becoming one of the global powers. The Nordlandian Armed Forces is divided into 5 major branches, namely Nordlandian Army, Nordlandian Navy, Nordlandian Air Force, Nordlandian Marine Corps, and last but not least, Nordlandian Coast Guard. In addition to the Nordlandian Armed Forces, the Nordlandian soil is also protected by Nordlandian National Guard; operated, maintained, and funded by each of the 12 states, in conjunction with the federal government.


The Great Nordland's hardworking and patriotic population is steadily growing, making the Great Nordland one of the most populous country. Major ethnic groups are English, Norwegian, French, and German, with Hispanic, Black, and Asian being the small minority. The Great Nordland officially recognizes 5 religions, namely Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox Church, The Church of Latter Day Saints, and Judaism. The practice of religious extremism is banned and every violators will be executed on the scene. Atheism is not outlawed, but is extremely unpopular among the Nordlandian citizens. The Nordlandian Government officially recognizes Protestantism as the official state religion, thus separation of church and state is non-existent.


The major geographical feature on the Nordlandian soil is the Great Tanner Lake, an enormous glacial lake located entirely within Nordlandian borders. To the Northeastern side of the country is Mount Tanner, a stratovolcano with an elevation of 14,659 ft (4,468 m) AMSL. The northern and northwestern side of the country is populated with hills and valleys. The southern side is populated with low hills and grasslands. The weather in Great Nordland is always cloudy, with sunlight being a rare feature. Average temperature is 53.6 F (12 C) during summer, and 17.6 F (-8 C) during winter.


The blue background stands for the nation's stability, while the 13 stars (12 stars in circle and 1 in the center) stands for the 12 states the Great Nordland is comprised of and the federal capital district. The white cross which sits in front of the blue background and behind the stars stands for peace.

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