General Duckland Information

Duckland lies on the desert continent of Zaheria. Duckland is the goverment center of the Ducklandish Empire. The primary ethnic groups of Duckland are Ducks, 90.2%, Incans 5% and Celts 2.9%. The primary exports of Duckland is baskets and Urainum.

Duckland and the Celtic Union

Duckland and its subordinate states are members of the inter-national Military allaince of the Celtic Union. McDuckles holds the seat of Co-Leader if TCU.

The Ducklandish Empire

The Ducklandish Empire is made up of occupied terriorties and colonies in Westburg and San Sesbation

The Ducklandish Economy

Duckland makes most of its money off petruleum uranuim and Baskets. Baskets are the cornerstone of Ducklands economy military agriculture energy and politics

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