Petram, the planet on which your nation is located on, has had a quite diverse history with numerous historical encounters which are recorded here.

Please be aware what you are about to read is content about things that happened in the Beta period of the game (ie before April 2017). For events that have happened in the Alpha period (ie after April 2017) and that current players will remember, go to History of Petram

NPO-UN Conflict: The Big Bang

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NPO-League/TCB Conflict: The Green War

The origins of the Green War can be traced to Ceres, and Blazer, who conducted raids of annexation on inactive players, and broke the lines of policies that major alliances drew [1]. Members of the Communist Bloc followed in their footsteps, but begin to test boundries by declaring on and annexing active players[2]. They would annex en suite of one another, active players inside micro-sized alliances. This caught the attention of the New Pacific Order, who publicly denounced these actions. During the same timeframe, Hyrule of the United Nations, disbanded his group, and declared his retirement. Much expected of the international community, ex-United Nations members and Communist Bloc individuals declared in the attempt to annex the nation of Hyrule. The League also rescinded Hyrule's representation in their alliance under his clause of leaving the game, much to the anger of the community. The New Pacific Order then introduced Hyrule into their alliance, and forced peace in return for leaving the alliance, the League. Much to their demise, the League lost 75% of their membership in this fashion. In continuation with their denouncement, Maelstrom of the New Pacific Order declared formal war with the Communist Bloc, and recognized the informal war with the remaining League members; posting harsh peace terms for both groups that cited: annexation twice over, formal apologies (from some), and a Tier Cap. Prior to accepting the peace terms, Zenny, Prussia, Tinoc, Freezepond, Maelstrom, Overwatch, Zhukov, and many others particpated in excessively large-scaled wars, dragging battles to last for days. This intensely bogged down the server, and ended up crashing it twice, for around 24 hours in total time lost.

NPO-TCB Conflict: Age of Extermination/Cont. Green War

This conflict was a brief extension to the Green War against members of the Communist Bloc who did not sign the peace treaty originally proposed by the New Pacific Order. It is also sometimes loosly used as a reference to all events where large groups of now unrepresented nations are raided.

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InterUnion-NPO Conflict: Great War III

The war, sometimes known as "The Green War II", "The Infinite War" or "The Grudge War", officially began from a surprise but expected declaration made at evening 6.00pm (UTC+8, Asia Pacific Time Zone) or 6.00am (UTC-4, US Washington D.C. Time Zone) co-authored by several InterUnion member states in rush to stay within a planned schedule. Some critics said that it was dishonourable since New Pacific Order was unready, transitioning to be ruled under a different leader[3] while some applauded for this war as a quiet observer[4]. The Military and Economic Union mutual defence pact with New Pacific Order was activated at some point of time of the war.

The conflict began off from International Union's Tribunal Case #1, a messy trial that could not take place officially although informal exchange of information were made extensively. The trial was meant to resolve a conflict between Hacktopia and New Pacific Order past 3 months according to International Union but was later closed after LifeHack disclaimed responsibility from the trial. The trial (not the case) was believed by many that it was completely made up by International Union or XP (believed to be "vengeful") as a justification since. International Union denied such accusation as "misinterpretation" by words of LifeHack agreed during private discussion and responded to follow-ups made by the public and XP dismissed "vengeful" theories as personal opinions, while LifeHack never responded to the follow-ups since. All observers were repeatedly warned of their neutrality and "accuracy" by International Union whenever they tried to speak.

A tribunal was made by Eviscerate for satire purpose to criticise the Case #1 Tribunal that had had already closed past 3 month yet was re-opened with the absence of the plaintiff himself.

The battles in the war were (probably) painstaking by both parties because they had to stay awake throughout the battles to ensure the survival of the units. New Pacific Order, together with Andreian Union nation, asserted International Union or its high-ranking officials were in possession of a powerful script, software or network that had a conventional functionality to heal units automatically and automate coordination. According to a former member state of International Union, Andreian Union, it also had an unfairly invincible function to "train" GEARHOUND Prototypes (then most powerful and efficient unit) available for InterUnion high-ranking officials only. This was evident by the fact that International Union had had produced and shared some scripts that give extra, exclusive functionality to the game developed by its secret R&D Department (e.g. "Collect All" button that allows you to quickly collect all your factories, battle simulation software that could predict win/loss for the battle without repeated working of Mathematical calculations). This lead to a belief that International Union member states were in complete automation from economics down to military and thus dishearten diligent players in the game and wars were impossible for them.

International Union on the other hand denied all accusations as complete "nonsense" saying they were propaganda made by the defenders to gain international's sympathy, demanding the burden of proof and reminded everybody of New Pacific Order past atrocities. Some observers tried to prove their claim by conducting "tests" like messaging the belligerents and require their reply as soon as possible and recording the battle for one hour showing the "instant" heal of units from belligerents of International Union alliance but were denied by the International Union with the very same reason. XP, then InterUnion representative, exclaimed his extreme confusion on the video pointing out it was vice versa and the observers were divided. XP also retaliated with the same accusation pointing out that New Pacific Order members were mostly from United States and therefore could not possibly have any schedules while International Union overwhelmed member states were from all around the world.

The evidence were intentionally circulated throughout the forum when International Union released a controversial official message on the matter hence it stopped. They cited that those were "evidences" and so claimed that it was not strong enough to make any substantives and reminded that it could be repeated by anyone, any time and any where. The International Union also challenged the international community to report any cheating information to the game's developer as the correct thing to do and was prepared to receive the punishments that would be meted. They also excused that the matter on "scripts" that could unfairly benefit International Union member states exclusively had already been discussed with Stian and was closed. Nonetheless, nothing had happened to International Union accused and non-accused member states.

Incidentally, it was noted that

  • this war was the second greatest war (in terms of size) in the history of Petram,
  • every battle lasted for a record-breaking duration, one of the battle was 1 week (hence "The Infinite War" by NPO),
  • this war had many controversies until now than any other normal wars,
  • it resulted in the peak period of most activity of both alliances,
  • the game was crashed by this war and therefore it was frozen until it was "fixed",
  • this war resulted in motivation for a "fix" to then war system,
  • at some point of time while the war was frozen until it was unfrozen, International Union member states slowly fade from the game. It was noted that even though the war was unfrozen, the battle system was still unfair for aggressors[5],
  • when a fixed was applied to the game, coincidentally, along with a peace proposal by New Pacific Order, International Union leaders disappeared and could not be reached. A response was made that it was "under consideration" at some point of time and never heard since until months later XP came back and agreed and both alliances finally reached a peace resolution[6][7].

Global War on Multi Ringers (formerly the War of the World)

The series of wars technically started on January 4, 2016, with Deliberate's declaration of war on Asian, an exploiter that was first noticed by his extensive building of Arch of Triumphs (a GP building), gaining 1.48 million building GP while shooting himself up to the top of the GP board and also proving that he exploited metal since the ~2 million metal needed to build the amount of AoT's that he had may have not existed at all in the game at the time. Deliberate immediately formed a military coalition with several military superpowers joining in. Initial attempts to break the Asian's defenses were futile until a joint offensive launched by 3V and Overwatch, dubbed Operation Distant Thunder, that broke the Asian's defenses followed by Tayloria's clean up force that killed the remaining enemy units, which paved the way for the many other coalition members. The war ended on the January 7, approximately 72 hours after the initial declaration, with a succesful war compensation demand by Overwatch after noticing Asian's abnormal resources GP, gaining 4 million metal and 12 million money in the process while also proving the existence of resources exploit, while being aided by a coalition of nations from all reaches of Petram. Other branches of the war persisted, although most of Asian's resources were drained from the first loot. Overwatch quickly brought the issue to the community, which eventually gained Stian's attention, leading to Asian's permaban from the game the following day.

4 weeks after the Asian Incident, a hacker named BLARGED of the Evan Empire rose to tier 9 in a relatively short time while lacking adequate infrastructures (a.k.a. factories), gaining the attention of several prominent members, who immediately threw suspicion upon him. Further investigation indicates that he was using a number of multis (some reports say 250), all gathered within his alliance, NatCoEM. This discovery was soon followed by a number of war declarations by the community, leading to the second chapter of Global War on Multis.

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The Harvest

February 11th-April 10th, 2016.

Beginning on New Year's Day in 2016, Ceres Soveign began to remove their nation's population in order to drop down to smaller tiers. It was under the assumption that Ceres would use experience to their advantage and declare war on inactive players in the attempt to annex land that is relatively undefended. Starting on February 11th, Ceres reached Tier 2, and systematically declared on 50 players per week, a majority of those would end in White Peace, as Ceres agreed to let players be given that chance. In the end, it was an ultimate success, and over 17000 km2 of land was gained this way.


  5. Defenders had the ability to swap units while aggressors did not.
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