Brief: To be frank, we don't like Oldenburg. It's an irrelevant little nation on the continent of Westberg, and it's mere existence is annoying. We should attack them a bit.

Enemy Units

The enemy army (the Oldenburg Defense) is lead by a Cadet. There are only two units that you have to face, Medics (easily killed) and Mortar Infantry (bit more of a challenge).

(Min Level) Unit Type Firepower Armor Maneuver Healthpoint Other Spawn Rate
(1) Medic Infantry 1 1 2 40 10% less damage taken to friendly infantry (stacks 3 times) 100%, max 1 per battle
(1) National Guard Infantry 2 1 1 50 +50% strength when defending home territory 100%


This is mainly for the things to get things from forest. The best units are

Tier (Technically 1-2 as well) 3-5: Mortars, any level

Tier 3+: Anything, except medics and RPG infantry really, but is equipped

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