Impero Romano is a coastal industrious and sprawling dictatorial nation ruled by Leader vlad123. Its capital Rome is situated on the temperate continent of Westburg.

Impero Romano is a member of the alliance [1]The United Union of Powers.

The vast borders of Impero Romano surround plenty of forests, numerous mountains, numerous cleared land, many lakes, some rivers, some grasslands, some tundra and some urban areas.

The known flora is very diverse and includes a few unicorn grass, a few herbs, a few hemp, some apple trees, some oak trees and numerous cotton.

The known fauna is very diverse and includes innumerable deer, numerous cows, many sheep, some beehives, some yaks and many foxes. Many cods, many whales, plenty of salmon and many shrimp are found outside the coast of Impero Romano

Under the surface the geologists have found some iron, loads of coal, little uraninite, tiny amounts of marble, little copper, tiny amounts of sliver, tiny amounts of bauxite and a decent amounts of lead.

The technological advancements of Impero Romano is poor, and their military power is poor.


The Impero Romano are a Warmonger nation: They have figth and Won the Follow War.

2 angaist Dhruv land

2 angaist Costa Iva

and 1 Angaist Karter

The bloody war angaist illinois(called the war of Bloody boring) is ened in white peace.

the four war angaist Tartan is ready

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