Iowaland is the #1 ranked country in Nationsgame. The country passed The Foundation from first great cow massacre in Fall 2019. Millions of cows were unknowingly taken by annexing Tulips.  

Iowaland was born in April 2019 from a mobile phone in palliative care at Pasqua Hospital.  

Iowland founded an alliance, the Iowa Entente, in December 2019. This alliance was a lot of fun to play in, and every member was very active. Its peak ended up being a declaration of war and take down of SPQR.  

Iowaland has core friends scattered around the game: 

Cascadalyst, Neu Katzland, Depose, Mandalore, Caesium, and Shag are friends of Iowaland that won't ever be ignored :)  

Iowaland also thinks Kyleli is pretty cool.   

Iowaland National Anthem

Iowaland National Anthem.A minions song

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