The Iowan Aggression of 2020 was the second major alliance war of 2020, after the Battle of the Rod of God. This war was seen as controversial by some due to some due to players on the defending side leaving after/during the war.

Participating Alliances

Six alliances technically participated in this war, however not all members of each alliance participated.

Iowa Empire

The Iowa Empire (IWE) had been leading the GP leaderboards for a while when they decided to start a campaign against SPQR, historically the strongest alliance. IWE's five members quickly jumped on most t10s within SPQR, and secured victories, due to the quick attacks they launched.

Senatus Populus Que Romanu

Senatus Populus Que Romanu (SPQR) had lead the Alliance GP leaderboards for a couple of years and had endured multiple attacks on their number one spot (primarily the Rose Wars). However, the alliance had slowly been decaying. Many players within SPQR found themselves unwilling to play the game anymore. For most, these wars were the final straw, with multiple nations quitting.

The Celtic Union

The Celtic Union (TCU) was a relatively powerful alliance, holding the number 2 spot in the Alliance GP leaderboards and with several powerful nations. They were involved in the war when SPQR invoked their MDP with them and several members of SPQR joined TCU for the duration of the war to receive defence from TCU nations. TCU was lead by Mercia for the duration of the war, but he and Tinvaal Empire (formerly the Duke Republic) were the two main casualties from TCU. Both quit after the war was over. New Deutschland (lead by Isaacdnz) took over the leadership of TCU after the wars finished.

Union of Fascist States

The Union of Fascist States was one of three alliances technically involved with the war. LegionaryCanada, a Nations veteran, helped defend Roman Empire for a short while. Yoona, however, was underwhelmed with the defence LegionaryCanada provided and moved back to the TCU. LegionaryCanada was later declared on by IWE and eventually white-peaced.

The Central Entente

The Central Entente (TCE) was another alliance that technically participated in the war. Neu Katzland left TCE to join IWE to be part of the wars, but re-joined TCE after the wars were over.

Union of Petram Powers

The Union of Petram Powers (UPP) were also technically involved in the war. Usurp joined the war on the Iowan side. After finishing one war, he completed his accomplishment and created the Kiseki no Sedai alliance.

Casus Belli

The Casus Belli is disputed upon. Will elaborate later, just wanted to write this down before I forgot

The War

The Iowan War of 2020, which involved 6 alliances, killed many units.

Total Unit Losses (Significant ones - level 15 high tier units. Some approximation has been made)


Pharaoh: 0 units lost

Iowa: 5 B2s

Cascadalyst: 3 B2s

Neu Katzland Mapper: 10 Avengers

Depose: 1 Gearhound


Yoona: 5 Gearhounds, 10 Avengers, 10 B2s

Who-dey: 10-20 Gearhounds & Protohounds

Dabomb: 2 Gearhounds

ccloughley: ~10 Gearhounds

Mercia: 25-30 Gearhounds

Ending Results

Pharaoh: Annex on Kyleli, Annex on Who-dey, and Annex on Yoona.

Iowa: War comp on Who-dey and Annex on Kyleli.

Cascadalyst: Annex on Martin and Annex on Who-dey.

Neu Katzland: War Comp on Martin, Annex on Yoona, and Annex (?) on Dabomb.

Aftermath and Controversy

Pacific Islands

Pacific Islands became inactive after the war, but forgot to pause the nation. Rason inactive-warred Pacific Islands 2 times, and many other nations began to follow. However, Pacific Islands became active again, scaring the low tiers who declared war.

The Iowan Empire had (woops ran out of time, will finish later)

Things that happened (so we don't forget later):

rapid double attacks on tosev,kyleli, martin, and who dey.

2-3 big battles for kyleli before defense was abandoned and dumped all resources on market

Yoona's counterattack, "run over the imperialists", and the defense of Yugoslavia

defense of Ccloughley, HP bruteforce attacks on yoona

SPQR's surrender

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