Jungle Fever is a rare mission located on the tropical continent of Amarino.


The feared Followers of Black Horn is one of the reasons why southern Amarino is in such an unstable state. They are deadly when confronted in the jungle, but they have to be stopped.

Enemy Units

The enemy army (Followers of Black Horn) aren't led by any officer. You have to face only one unit, Black Horns.

(Min. Level) Unit Type Firepower Armor Maneuver Health Points Other Spawn Rate
(1) Black Horns Infantry 4 1 4 20 +50% strength in Tropical climates 100%


This is a bit of an odd mission. Black Horns can be killed in one shot by most units, due to low HP. However, if they shoot first, because of their +50% buff in Tropical climates, they can do significant damage. The easiest way to beat this mission is to send units with high Firepower and relatively high HP. Maneuver doesn't matter because sometimes even a graze can kill Black Horns.

Tier 1-3: Attempt with caution, as Black Horns can kill other infantry. Perhaps send Plump Tanks, with Firepower equipment.

Tier 4-10: Mortar Infantry can usually kill Black Horns, if they have HP equipment on. This also means that pretty much any unit that you can get in these tiers, such as GEAR Infantry, T-72s etc (except for RPG Infantry) can easily beat this mission.

Unfortunately, the rewards for this mission don't scale. If you're at Tier 1, the rewards will be the same as if you're in Tier 10. This means it's not so good on the rewards side, but can be completed quickly, so that is a quick 100 GP.



It is a known glitch that the battle log will tell you that the enemy strength is zero. This glitch is purely visual and has no effect on the battle itself.

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