Kingfu, officially known as the Kingfu Neo-Communist Semi-Republic, it is a Socialist Autocracy led by the leader Lil Saur, the first Tsar of the Nation.

The Geography

Main Island

The largest Island in the Kingfulantic Archipelago is known as Kingfu, which gives the name to the Archipelago and the Nation. The Island is L shaped, with many rivers running through the west of the island. This are is also very forested. The north of the island is rather cold, and with the largest city in all of Kingfu, Imperial City. The east of the island is full of huge mountains, along with the tallest peak in Kingfu, Mt. Marx. The south of the nation is also rather forested not unlike the west. The capital of the nation, Rothausergrad, is also in the south, is positioned at the base of a mountain range, on the Leslie River.

The Archipelago

There are hundreds of small islands surrounding the main island, some notable ones include Narine Island and Nov Radenovic.


Kingfu has a rather small Military for its size. It mostly relies on the nation's Light Tank division to spread its power. It has only participated in one war so far, the 3D war against the nation of Cube.

Global Politics

Kingfu has been a member of the UCN since December 2018. Before that, Kingfu was the Leader of the now non-existent Kim Conglomerate.


Early Days

Before Colonisation, the Kingfulantic Archipelago was inhabited by tribal peoples.


Many powers from across Petram colonised the area that would become Kingfu. These would not develop very far because of many wars midway through this time.


By the late 1980's, wars were being fought between the colonial powers and rebels in the south of the country. After many resergenses, the rebels united into a fighting force that would soon become Kingfu. The leader, Michael Rothauser in which the capital is named. He died before the country could be created, but his son, Jacob (Lil Saur) was able to fight off all the colonial powers and unite the Kingfulantic Archipelago.

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Most of Kingfu's Economy Relies on Metal exports, with the nation have access to vast amounts of Uranium, Coal, Copper, and others. Most of the population eats Salmon, Cow, and get most of their Consumer goods from fauna like Sheep and Buffalo.

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