The Kingdom of Kverka is a sosialist, capitalist, Monarchy set in the nothern part of San Sebastian. The king Sander's ancestors, who's famile is the absolute power of Kverka, formed the nation ca 2500 years ago. When 9 tribes deceided to become one. The leaders of each tribe fought to the death, and in

there native language (Norrøn) to kill someone mean "Kverka". And thats where the name came from. Ofcourse this tradition no longer exist

The Discovery of Kverka

It wasent until 2017, Kverka was discoverd by United Holy Nations. Kverka only had a population of about 50.000 and they had no official flag. There tecnology was extremely primitiv, around early middleage. After King Sander joined United Holy Nations, Kverkas tecnology increased greatly, same with there population growth. And there first official flag can you see here.

Flagg 1.0

This was the first official flag of Kverka.

There military was far weaker then is should, and the Kverkans still have not caught up with the other Nations at its current tire.

The Downfall of UHN

Under this era the It started as a small war, that turned out to be the first world war, atleast for the Kverkans. Soviet Kingdom attacked a member of UHN, so UHN attacked back. Soviet kingdom got hes allies to help him, so they