La Celebration Mille is one of seven card packs in NationsGame. It is the smallest card pack of them all, with only six cards. The reward for completing La Celebration Mille is 1,000 Money and 1,000 Funds.


There are (as stated above) six cards La Celebration Mille:

Name Rarity Benefits
The Invitation Common 3 GP
Suit Up Common 2 Money
Arrival by Uber Uncommon Nothing
A Gift for the Host Rare 200 Money
Drinks on the House Epic 5 Grapevines and 5 Hops
Total Blackout Legendary 1000 Money, 5 Urban Areas, 10km2 Apple Trees and 10km2 Kingwood


La Celebration Mille Sale

Oh look, it's on sale!

There is only one card pack from which you can obtain La Celebration Mille cards.

La Celebration Mille

La Celebration Mille (Booster Pack): 100 Funds for 3 cards

Drop Rates

Please be aware that these drop rates aren't official, just what we've found after opening a large number of card packs. All figures are to 2 decimal places. Packs opened: 6160

By Card:

Card Chances (%)
The Invitation 36.95%
The Invitation (Foil)
Suit Up 37.38%
Suit Up (Foil)
Arrival by Uber 19.52%
Arrival by Uber (Foil)
A Gift for the Host 5.36%
A Gift for the Host (Foil)
Drinks on the House 0.67%
Drinks on the House (Foil)
Total Blackout 0.12%
Total Blackout (Foil)

By Rarity

Rarity Chances (%)
Common 74.33
Uncommon 19.52
Rare 5.36
Epic 0.67
Legendary 0.12

Pros and Cons


  • Small card pack, so easy to complete (if you're going for the Complete 100 Card Packs achievement)
  • Drinks on the House is good for Consumer Good factories as it gives you 5 grapevines and 5 hops, both CG-producing flora.


  • Arrival by Uber is useless as it does not provide any benefits (other than the funds gained by discarding it).
  • Total Blackout is quite hard to find.
  • Because there is no version of the pack where there is a guaranteed rare or higher, it is hard to find rare, epic and legendary cards.


A Thousand? That's Only the Beginning?
Complete the card set "La Celebration Mille".
Rarity: Epic
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