Logic, officially the Dictatorial Theocracy of Logic, is one of the largest countries on Tind. The capital and largest city is Logic. It is ruled by the Grand Master, KLuv. Logic is renowned to be one of the most truthful, cultured, and moral-based countries in Petram.


The economy of Logic is a diverse and quite abstract one. The government controls most means of military goods and food productions, but small and large companies by private-owners also make up a good portion of the market.

The main product of Logic is metal. Its metal mines go deep into the mountains and tundras, so deep that the government officials are saying that they might just burst through the bottom of the earth's crust into the upper mantle soon if they don't stop.


Logic's military is a very diverse and interesting one as it focuses on quality over quantity and is always recruiting the best units it can. However, outside the country of Logic, no-one knows its true military strength other than its active border control.


Logic's culture is that unlike any other. Its school of thought are based around truth and reason. There is a saying that "A man from Logic will never lie" and so far this has been held true to this day.

War History

It is said that after every war Logic wins (depending on size of war), they will put up a certain number of great monuments to celebrate there victories. While Logic itself has never entered in some of the "world conflicts," it has become quite lucrative in business by supplying both sides of wars.

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