Medics are an early-game unit that are one of only two units that get a base buff that reduces damage against friendly units.

Medics have an upkeep of 1 Money.


Medics can be obtained in the Unit Shop from tier 2, when you have a Level 2 Barracks. They take 4 hours to recruit.


Medics are probably one of the most useless units in the game (other than Rioters). Their damage reduction can look appealing to early game nations, but their benefit only stacks up to 30% and you can get the same benefit through Equipment. Medic's base stats are pretty terrible and so you should never use them in your armies.

If fighting against them, they are Infantry so any unit with a buff against Infantry units (Mortar Infantry, M2 Bradleys, etc) will do well against them.


  • Medics have the 2nd cheapest upkeep at 1 Money (rioters have no upkeep) National guards can be argued to be the 2nd cheapest (making medic 3rd), as food can be produced for less than one .
  • Although it is possible to get equipment that reduces damage against friendly units that give a damage reduction of more than 30%, equipment damage reduction is also capped at 30%.
  • Volvo Repair Trucks and Medics are essentially the same unit, except that Volvo Repair Trucks reduce damage against friendly Armor units (and they have different base stats)
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