Mercia is a coastal industrious and sprawling capitalist republican nation ruled by President matboyler. Its capital Tamworth is situated on the temperate continent of Westberg

Mercia is the Leader of the alliance The Celtic Union

Their leader, matboyler, is a moderator on the Unofficial Nations Discord.

The Total Land mass of Mercia is 82,293‬km2


Mercia is based upon the old Anglo Saxon kingdom of Mercia that ruled much of what is now England during the early medieval age.

*from Wikipedia page about Mercia*

For 300 years (between 600 and 900), having annexed or gained submissions from five of the other six kingdoms of the Heptarchy (East Anglia, Essex, Kent, Sussex and Wessex), Mercia dominated England south of the River Humber: this period is known as the Mercian Supremacy. The reign of King Offa, who is best remembered for his Dyke that designated the boundary between Mercia and the Welsh kingdoms, is sometimes known as the "Golden Age of Mercia".

The New Guy

In the beginning Mercia wasn't sure weather or not he would get very far in the Nations game having played once before a month ago and gotten nowhere under a different nation.

this time however Mercia was offered a place with one of the games top alliances The Celtic Union

having been invited to join TCU's discord server Mercia quickly begin learning the game and rose to become the Alliances biggest and most active member and following a recommendation from TCU's leader Celtica (Indiana Mark) and following a vote of the moderators of the Unofficial Nations Discord a vote was passed in favour of Mercia becoming the newest moderator in the Unofficial Nations Discord.

(Mercia first join TCU Dicsord for first time)



Mercia's first real taste of an alliance wide war came with the UPA-NATO event at this time the Mercian armed forces consisted of 7 Battalions of The Mercian Regiment who consisted of RPG's snipers, Engineers and Mortar Infantry and two divisions of T-72 both at around Lv5.

In his intelligence reports the leader of NATO Yokosuka Empire (Fegelein) summed up Mercian military might as.

"Lower tier experience in troops air power needed to minimise casualties"


soon after thew wars started however Mercia acquired his first 2 divisions of Gear Infantry and with help from Celtica he was able to fight the second strongest member of NATO to a stand still and killed many of his best units in the process but with ammo supplies dwindling and a two week Inactivity on the horizon for Mercia he was forced to end the Mercia-Monrovia war with a white peace that was accepted.

Untitled (1)

Mercian victory over Zaahs during the war (from TCU discord)

Big Wars
  • UPA-Nato War
  • Rose Powers War
Join The Celtic Union Nations Game

Join The Celtic Union Nations Game

Current Record
  • Annex(Win) : 21
  • White Peace: 3
  • Annex (Loss) 0
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