About New Zealand

New Zealand is a coastal undeveloped and sparse capitalist republican nation ruled by President K8. Its capital Wellington is situated on the tropical continent of Amarino.

New Zealand is a member of the alliance idiot alliance.

The tiny borders of New Zealand surround numerous jungles, many cleared land, a few rivers, a few grasslands, and some urban areas.

The known fauna is not very diverse and includes some cows. Some mackerels are found outside the coast of New Zealand.

Under the surface, the geologists have found little iron and tiny amounts of coal.

The technological advancements of New Zealand are weak, and their military power is poor.


The Republic of New Zealand is a small island state situated in Amarino. New Zealand is the successor of Astria, a fallen nation. The Republic of New Zealand is a relatively new nation having being founded on August 4th, 2020.

New Zealand was formerly part of the Petramic-Communist Commonwealth, but was kicked out.

After New Zealand was kicked out of the PCC, they were warred by the nation of Hallenbad.

Most recently, New Zealand joined the Idiot Alliance for protection.

Geology And Resources

Cows, mackerels, iron, and coal can sometimes be found in New Zealand.


There are currently 99,262 New Zealanders, but the population is continuing to decline due to a nation-wide food shortage.


The Republic of New Zealand is a capitalist republic run by President K8. The New Zealand Royal Government holds elections every 2 years where a new leader is elected.


The New Zealand Royal Armed Forces (NZRAF) is made up of massive teams of infantry and national guard. The NZRAF also posses small numbers of plump tanks. 

Current Wars

New Zealand is currently in a war with Hallenbad. Below are all of the battles fought in the war. Last updated 8/28/2020, Hallenbad has won nine battles, and New Zealand has won one.



  • Idiot Nation
  • Idiot Alliance


  • Hallenbad
  • The Entire PCC
  • A Lot Of Other Nations

National Anthem

New Zealand's National Anthem with Lyrics

New Zealand's National Anthem with Lyrics

The national anthem of New Zealand is "God Defend New Zealand,"
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