The (1st) Grand Oodlish Empire was a great nation on the continent of Zaheria which followed a form of conservative, very moderate democratic socialism based on moral principles which is known as 'Islamic Economics,' however, it was known in the country as 'Reformed Communism.' The country was (not very) famous for being one of the strongest Islamic nations on Petram and fought many wars that resulted in victory.

The 1st Oodlish Empire was deleted at tier 6 due to use of multiple accounts.

The 2nd Oodlish Empire lasted 9 days, and it was not using 'Reformed Communism' but rather normal dictatorial communism. This nation was deleted at tier 4 so Oodler1 could make a new nation: DPR Korea.

Updated Communist Oodlish Flag

Updated Communist Oodlish Flag

True Oodlish Flag
Oodlish Flag Somewhat Simplified
Oodlish Flag Simplified
Oodlish War Flag
Oodlish Flag
Pre-communism Oodlish Flag

A simplified Oodlish Flag

A very simple Oodlish Flag

Oodlish War Flag

1st Communist Oodlish Flag (look at that communism)

(Bottom) Oodlish National Soccer Team Emblem
Soccer Flag
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