Basic Information

Founding date

Osnana is not an old country, having been founded on May 13, 2018.


Osnana is a coastal industrious and sprawling capitalist republican nation lead by President Sturpp. The capital of Osnana is Chroki, which is on the continent of Westberg. As of now, the technological advancements of Osnana are barely noticeable, and their millitary power is weak.


A single person from Osnana is called an 'Osnan.' The people as a whole are 'Osnans.' 


The (currently) small borders of Osnana surround numerous forests, some mountains, many cleared land, some lakes, some rivers, many grasslands, a few tundra and many urban areas.

Under the surface, geologists have found loads of coal.


The known fauna of Osnana is somewhat diverse and includes plenty of cows and numerous sheep. Plenty of cod are found within the border of Osnana.

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