Overseas Exploration is one of seven card packs in NationsGame, and is one of four card packs still available to buy directly (i.e. from the card pack shop). It is the biggest card pack in the game, with 16 cards. The reward for completing Overseas Exploration is 200 Money and 500 GP.


There are (as stated above) 16 cards in Overseas Exploration:

Name Rarity Benefits
Funding the Expedition Common 5 Money
The Maiden Voyage Common 2 GP
Sailors and Navigators Common 10 Funds
Compass or GPS Common 5 Money
Man Over Board! Common -
Provisions Uncommon 5 Food, 5 Building Materials
Rough Seas Uncommon -
Plotting the Trade Lanes Uncommon 2t Silver, 3t Gold
Eliminating Pirates Uncommon 10 Money, 10 Funds
Ballast Rare 20t Iron
The Flagship Rare 10 GP
Is it the Kraken? Rare 10 GP
The Coast of a New Continent Epic 100km2 Jungles, 5 Rubber Trees, 250t Gold
We Found Atlantis Epic 40 GP
First to the Very Bottom of the Sea Epic 50 Money, 25 GP
A Gift from the Continents Legendary 10t Uraninite, 25t Saltpeter, 25 Barrels Petroleum, 25t Gold, 2km2 Kingwood


There are three card packs from which you can obtain Overseas Exploration cards.

Overseas Exploration (Booster Pack): 100 Funds for 3 Cards

Overseas Exploration

Overseas Exploration (Starter Pack): 700 Funds for 10 Cards (one guaranteed rare)

Overseas Exploration (Promo Pack): Only available on sale (one guaranteed rare and one guaranteed epic)

Overseas Exploration -2

Drop Rates

By Card

By Rarity

Both will be added when I get more funds, don't worry!

Pros and Cons


  • Coast of a New Continent is a good card if your country isn't located on Amarino


  • Most cards need a buff to make the benefits actually worth it
  • Lots of cards, so it can take a long time to complete the set
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