Overseas Investments

Overseas Investments is a mission

Units That Can Spawn

Officer: General al-Latif

AK-47 Infantry FIR:3 DEF:1 MAN:2 HP:50 Spawn Rate:40%

RPG Infantry FIR:2 DEF:1 MAN:1 HP:50 Spawn Rate:30%

T-72 Tank FIR:3 DEF:4 MAN:2 HP:130 Spawn Rate:30%

Battle Continent: Zaheria (Desert)

Mission Rewards

500 Money

100 Petroleum

Mission Expires: 2 days

Rarity: Epic

Brief: A promising investment opportunity has open up in the nation of Dul Kaddir. The problem is that the local government is opposed to our so call 'investment strategies'. We should install a new government that is slightly more friendly to our 'democratic' ideas.

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