The Hallenier National Party Defence is the Military wing of the Democratic Communist Party of the Hallenier Empire. The HNPD is commonly known as the 'Party Defence', or 'PD'. It's also called the 'Parteiwehr', 'PW' in German. (Literally, Party Defence). Around most areas of the DCRH, It's known as the Party Defence, in the Prussia Region it's mostly known as the Parteiwehr, and in regions with Russian minorities, it is sometimes called the 'Partiya Oborona'.

The HNPD ensures that Politicians of the Communist Party are always protected and safe, the HNPD has been the Military wing of the Communist Party since the founding of the DCPHE back in 1930. It has stopped any attempted coup d'états by people and organisations who oppose the Communist government.

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