Pobia, officially the Republic of Pobia, is a coastal industrious capitalist republican nation. The capital is New Antioch. It is ruled by President fdas. Pobia is situated in the continent of Westberg.


Pobia has a lot of metal, food, power, building materials, and fuel


Pobia produces a lot of power, food, building materials, and fuel


Pobia has had a few military experiments in which it built up an army and promptly lost everyone in a mission. Twice. Then, Pobia engaged in the 10 wars which were wars against inactives which Pobia used to gain large amounts of land.

The KIA wars

Wars against KIA's alt accounts

War against Ynamaru Ynamaru, a KIA multi, declared war on the grand republic of Pobia. Since Ynamaru was full of resources from all his alts, he got a fleet a B-2s. Pobia had very little military so it pulled everyone out of defense and started building B-2s. After Ynamaru's first wave was met with no opposition, Ynamaru forgot about Pobia while Pobia built up an army. Eventually, Ynamaru deleted his nation and the war ended.

War against The Apocalyspe Pobia tricked the KIA alt The Apocalyspe into giving free uranium to Pobia. Then a war started and Apocalyspe decided to offer peace.

War against Greater Liang Greater Liang declared war on Pobia.

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