Queensland, officially known as the Republic of Queensland​, is a federal parliamentary republic situated on the eastern shores of the continent of Amarino. The Republic of Queensland is comprised of 48 counties and a federal capital district, Brisbane. The current Prime Minister is Mark Panghy. Queensland is mostly known for its sunny beaches and exotic wildlife.


​Queensland's thriving economy is led by the fishing industry, with significant contributions from renewable energy and food production. The average GDP (nominal) per capita is $63,000 and its total GDP is $288 billion (as of May 14, 2018)


Queensland's military force, the Royal Queensland Army is a small military in the world of Amarino. 

The RQA forms one army at the moment, named the 1st Queensland Army. 
In addition to the Royal Queensland Army, the Queensland soil is also protected by the Queensland Border Force; 
operated, maintained, and funded by all 48 counties, in conjunction with the federal government.


Queensland's hard-working and patriotic population is steadily growing, making Queensland's population grow slowly but steadily. Major ethnic groups are Anglo-Saxons and Chinese, with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples being the small minority. Queensland officially recognises 5 religions, namely Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox Church, Judaism, Islam and Aboriginal Religions collectively, but has no state religion. The practice of religious extremism is banned and is punishable by gaol time.


The major geographical feature on the Queensland soil is Mt Coot-tha, a hill situated west of Brisbane. 
The northernmost point of the region is known as Cape York Peninsula. The western side of the country is populated with hills and valleys which slowly turn into flatlands with red desert soil. 
The southern side is populated with low hills and grasslands. The weather in Queensland is mostly sunny, with snow generally non-existent, last seen in 1974. Major floods arise every 10-20 years, the last one in 2011. Maximum temperatures are 35°C during Summer and 22°C during winter.


The blue background stands for the the former allegiance with the United Kingdom, while the 7 stars represent 
the former 7 original states of the Commonwealth of Australia. It's an entirely unaltered version of the Australian flag.

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