Rasonian Aggression Against the Union of Petram Powers is a combination of wars between Rason, Тинок, United Reich and Kverka. Clantia, Zudnik, Rhomania, Conclave, Mandalore and Neu Katzland.


After the Iowan Aggression of 2020, many nations, including Тинок, United Reich and Kverka were inactive. On June 13, 2020, Rason declared war on Kverka and United Reich, hoping to win an inactivity war, similar to the Pacific Islands.


On June 14th, a 2 scouting forces, both containing a single Plump Tank, arrived at Kverka and United Reich. The GEAR Infantry in reserve at Kverka managed to fight off the tank, but no defences were present in United Reich.

On June 15th, Mandalore sent a message saying to stop attacking Kverka and United Reich. Rason complied and sent white peace offers to both countries, with no response.

On June 16th, United Reich once again resumed activity, and declined Rason's white peace offer. United Reich then implied that he would be seeking revenge.

On June 17th, a scouting force from the United Reich landed in the Badur Mountain Range near the Zaherian-Tind Border in Rason, attempting to gather intel on Rasonian forces. The scouting force quickly met 10 GEARHOUND WarHeads armed with legendary equipment with no Battle Juices, and the 6 level 5 Snipers and one Infantry quickly retreated. However, one GEARHOUND WarHead launched a small frag grenade, killing one sniper.

On June 18th, a massive landing force was detected 6 hours in advance by the Rasonian Aerospace Defence Command, and gave Rason time to prepare the GEARHOUND WarHeads with Epic Health Battle Juice. Unfortunately, Rason could not move their top officer General Max Yang (under the code name General Stratton-Senior) to the battle site fast enough, and an inexperienced cadet was put in control instead.

Rason's GEARHOUND WarHeads were loaded to the brim with foil Legendary and Epic equipment, with some regular Legendary equipment. Soon, a division from United Reich codenamed "Rommel's Spearhead", led by an unnamed Major, arrived. 2 level 15 F-22 Raptors and 3 level 15 Avengers with varied equipment and Epic Firepower Battle Juice provided air support for 5 level 15 GEARHOUND WarHeads with Legendary and Epic equipment with Epic Health Battle Juice.

It was a tough fight, but it eventually became clear that Rason would win the battle. Due to Vigna the Fuhrer's lack of preparation for the battle, there were many problems with Rommel's Spearhead. For one, United Reich's units were poorly equipped with mostly regular Epic and Legendary equipment, while Rason equipped all their GEARHOUND WarHeads with foil Legendaries and Epics.

Another problem with Rommel's Spearhead was that Vigna the Fuhrer had wasted a foil Legendary Firepower Battle Juice on an Avenger, in the hopes of creating a powerful railgun. However, due to the Avengers low HP, it only got 3 hits before being destroyed. The rest of the air support was quickly destroyed, and then it was Rason's 10 GEARHOUND WarHeads against the remaining 5 GEARHOUND WarHeads. One enemy GEARHOUND Warhead was destroyed before retreating. Vigna the Fuhrer warned that a deadlier force would come.

Later that day, Тинок declared war on Rason. Тинок also sent a division, but then recalled it. Zudnik, Clantia, Conclave and Rhomania's reinforcements arrived that night.

On June 19th, Wyneth declared war on Zudnik, and Banana Republic joined in.

On June 20th, Banana Republic and Wyneth joined in the war Rasonian Aggression Against United Reich. 3 divisions were found to be arriving soon after. Rason then offered annexation to United Reich.

On June 21st, 3 enemy divisions were spotted coming to Rason. Rason then accepted the Demand War Compensation offer and the war ended. Wyneth also accepted the White Peace Offer from Zudnik. A division from Тинок came while Rasonian forces were unavailable and so won the battle.

On June 22nd, Tinoc sent a small division, thinking that Rason would again be undefended, instead being destroyed by level 15 GEARHOUND WarHeads. Tinoc then sent a division of 10 level 15 Tank Destroyers and won the battle, and Rason accepted the Demand War Compensation.


Rason surrendered and lost both wars, while Zudnik ended their war in white peace.

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