Republic of East Asia (东亚共和国) is a republic located in Westburg, its cold winter climate makes blizzards quite common, It’s currently a Member of the Church of Yeet, the government is often called the Congress of the Republic (共和国国会) which is located in Beijing, the capital, the government makes laws for the nation.


It was 2023. Communism in China is at its highest, a huge earthquake rocked many cities in northern China including Beijing and Qingdao. Many buildings are destroyed, many people wanted to rebuild their lives but the Chinese government refused to fund them, the South Korean and Japanese government saw what happened and funded the people. China saw what happened and declared war on China and South Korea, the people rebelled as Japanese and South Korean workers rebuilt the ruined cities, local militias joined the war against Chinese Communists. Weeks later, 8 cities declare independence from China supported by Taiwan. The war in China is costly about millions of yen is spent in the war for China. In the end the war ended in a Chinese defeat. East Asia is officially independent with the § or Sahh as the currency.

Treaty of Qingdao

The treaty of Qingdao was signed between Japan, South Korea, China and East Asia, it states:

  • The nation of East Asia shall be internationaly recognized.
  • China shall cede land to East Asia
  • China shall cede land to a the new country of Manhukuo
  • China shall not declare war on East Asia for 8 years
  • China shall pay war repertations

Armed Forces


the Armed Forces of East Asia consists of 1 military wing: The Army

The Army

The Army or Ground Forces of the Republic of East Asia (东亚共和国地面部队) is the current wing of the armed forces of East Asia. The army is used for Peacekeeping Missions on Terrorism and is currently deployed in a active war in Communist Manhukuo.

The Air Force

The Air Force or the Air Force of the Republic of East Asia (东亚共和国空军) is the Air Force of East Asia, it’s currently has no personals as it’s set up for the future

The Special Forces

The Special Forces or S.O.P or Special Operations Personals of East Asia (东亚特种作战人员) is the Special Forces of East Asia, it’s set up for future uses

Reserve Army

The Reserve Army our Reserve Personal Group is a group of personals used in backup, Incase a soldier dies in battle, a Reserve Army Personal will replace the dead soldier.

Military Wing Active Personals Reserve Personals Roles
The Army 52 2 Peacekeeping
The Air Force 0 0 Wing not in use yet
The Special Forces 0 0 WIng not in use yet
Reserve Army 0 5 Unit replacements

Flag of the Army of East Asia


East Asian Troops Charge towards enemy position in Peacekeeping Mission (1st Infantry Division)


East Asian troops patrol a grass field in war in Manhukuo (2nd Infantry Division)


Economy of East Asia is stable. Main economic industries are fishing and farming. Major fisheries are off the coast of Qingdao. The nation also runs on mining with iron And bauxite found. It also leads coal mining within the area.

Economy and Jobs Table

Region/City Employed Unemployed Common Jobs
Qingdao 98% 2% Fishing
Beijing 85% 15% Manufacturing
Shanghai 90% 10% Fishing/Manufacturing
North 40% 60% MIning
Northwest 30% 70% Mining
Central 70% 30% Manufacturing
South Central 90% 10% Lumber/Manufacturing
South 65% 35% Mining/Manifacturing


The population of East Asia is not very diverse

Race/Ethnic Group Percentage Common Regions
Chinese 95% All
Manchu 2% North, Northwest, Beijing
Other Groups 3% All


The main official language of the nation is Chinese and English. Although other languages including Korean and Japanese are commonly spoken throughout the nation.


Chinese is spoken everywhere, it survived the war for independence with China and East Asia


English is well know to about 90% of the population, you must know basic English to pass university/college


Korean is spoken mostly in the Northernmost part of the country where North Korean refugees settle


Japanese is spoken mostly by people who already know Chinese and English, they use it as a 3rd language, Japanese is a optional class in university/college and sometimes high school


Manchu is not a official language. Not 5% of the population can understand or speak it. It’s the least spoken language in the nation


In the nation, children start pre school at the age of 4, schools are cheap to attend until college and university. After children finish pre school, they move to actual schools. There, they attend Elementry school until 5th grade and move to junior high. They finish junior high at 8th grade. Next they attend high school, after high school is college or university. Universities in Southern parts of the nation are cheap but not that cheap, It will cost §1000 Sahh a month to attend universities in Southern regions. In the North, it will cost as much as §4000 Sahh a month to attend universities.


The education system is quite well. Students are about 30% smarter than the national average. The Education system in the Southern parts of East Asia are bad, poor families who have children did not go to school, kids who do go to school is always part of a rich family. Cities like Fuzhou has been funded by the government because of the education. Kids who do go to school don’t learn much either, teachers are not common too, schools In the north are better funded and have better education, the government receently installed a new school system where families in the north who earn less than §70000 a year will have to pay 65% less to let their kids to school. The new installment has not yet reached the South

Health Care

Just like health care, health care is a lot worse in the south, with few hospitals most are in Fuzhou which was destroyed in a terrorist attack. In the south, the only hospital that is still stable is Regional Hospital of Fuzhou. In the countryside, hospitals are less common, only hospitals you canfind are hospital tents. In the north, there are many hospitals, health care is better, the north gets funded a lot by the health care system. Insurance are better there.


The official currency is Sahh. Sahh has its symbol like this:


Sahh to US Dollar

§10 equals to 1 USD

§100 equals to 10 USD

§1000 equals to 100 USD

§1,000,000 equals to 100,000 USD



Currently there is a 1 Sahh Bill

5 Sahh Bill

10 Sahh Bill

20 Sahh Bill

50 Sahh Bill

100 Sahh Bill

10,000 Sahh Bill


Taxation in the nation is every 3 months. Every 3 months, you will receive a tax bill in your mailbox. Depending on your region, you have to pay a different amount of tax

Here is a table, with bigger regions, North, West, East, Central, South

Region Tax Due every 3 Months
North §1092
Central §1125
East §1234
West §1187
South §5890

The bill that you get says:

Dear Resident,

Your taxes will be due since it’s been 3 months, you will have to pay (amount of money) before (future date) Please place your money or credit card number in the envelope before and return this paper and envelope to the City Hall

Happy Taxes :) -Congress


The cities of East Asia


The city of Beijing which is the also the capital sits around the North Region. It’s population at 20M is the most Manufacturing city in the nation. It’s located in the Manchuria Standard Time (MST)


Shanghai is the biggest city, people living there are called Shanghainese. It’s located on the coast so fishing is important to the city. It boasts the population of 30M. It’s located in the Eastern Asia Standard Time (EAST) Shanghai is located 34 miles north of the Nation’s Scar Line which is a line stretching from southern Shanghai to the Chinese-East Asian border, more about the Nation‘s Scar Line can be found later.


Qingdao is a city nicknamed the Fishing Capital of East Asia due to it being mainly ran by many fishing companies. Qingdao is a very expensive city to live in. It’s also ranked 2nd in the nation for Vandalism crimes.


Fuzhou is a corrupted, torn apart city that once is a beautiful city. Today, the city sits at 605,000 residents. A civil war is occuring in Fuzhou as of now which killed up to 34,000 people so far. It’s the poorest city in the nation, before the independence of East Asia, Fuzhou was caught up in the deadliest battles of the civil war for East Asia


Wenzhou is located just south of Shanghai, it’s still in good shape after East Asia’s Civil War, It’s population grown by 35% since the independence of East Asia, it’s funded by the government. It’s main economic industries are manufacturing and lumber.


Nanjing was wear the first shots of the East Asian Civil War happened, today, it’s a stunning city located on the river banks, it relies on fishing. It is known as the most English speaking city as 98% of residents are fluent speakers and some even won English Speaking Contests

Those are some citits of the nation


There are currently working for the government

East Asian Department of Transportation

The Department of Transportation (ESDT) works with the Congress to make laws or change transportation and the system.

East Asian Department of Agricultural Development

The Department of Argicultural Development (EADAD) makes laws for agriculture in the nation like farming and fishing. It works also with the Department of Wildlife

East Asian Department of Wildlife and Plants

This Department (EADWP) renforces and makes laws for wildlife in the country like protecting certain spieces or plants.

East Asian Department of Homeland Security

This Department (EADHA) makes laws that will protect the nation from intruders like terrorists, it makes laws for airport and border security and more

East Asian Department of Education

The EADE makes sure all students in the nation are getting good education, it will fund schools and make education work for all families in the nation

East Asian Department of Healthcare

The East Asian Department of Healthcare (EADH) funds healthcare systems, they make sure citizens are healthy in the country

More will be coming in the future


There are many political parties including the Kumantong, the Kumantong took over the country after the independence war

East Asia Communist Party


The people have adopted many flags


The current flag of the nation

The flag has a blue background representing the sky, the white sun represents liberty, democracy and peace, the 8 stars represents the 8 cities that declared independence from China that formed the nation, the star ring represents justice.

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