Rumble In The... Never Mind

Rumble In The... Never Mind is an uncommon mission on the continent of Amarino.


Brief: Have you ever been to the jungle? I have heard it's supposed to be warm. And sometimes wet. And full of unpleasant wildlife. We could send a "delegation" to steal some of their panthers. They could be useful enough to make it worth the risk.

Enemy Units

The enemy army (the World Wildlife Fund) is leaderless. There are only two units that you have to face, Navy SEALS (easily killed with correct units) and A10 Thunderbolt (too little to be substantial).

(Min. Level)


Type Firepower Armor


Health Points Other Spawn Rate
(1) A10 Thunderbolt Air 3 2 3 55 Anti-Armor 5%
(1) Navy SEALs Secret Agent 4 1 4 50 +50% Strength against infantry, and on offense 95%


This is a great mission for any nations, and it gives a few panthers, as well as funds, but isn't good for GP. The best units for this mission are as follows (all equipped):

Tier 3-7: Snipers (Level 1 with some equipment, Level 5 unequipped)

Tier 8-10: Gear Snipers, (Level 1, unequipped)


Fafa thinks he beat Rumble In The... Never Mind using barely equipped Level 1 Snipers. Most tanks with some equipment could beat this, but this is not confirmed

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