Russia, officially the Russian Federation, is one of the larger nations in Tind. The capital city is Moscow. It is ruled by the President and glorious leader Narfinator. Russia is also the leader of the alliance RAHS Nations.


Russia was founded after Narfinator got bored one day and decided to start another nation. Narfinator was the dictator of the previous nation Arstotzka in nations 1.0 and for a short time in 2.0 before deleting.


Russia is the current leader of the RAHS Nations alliance and has no plans of leaving or resigning any time soon.


Up until now Russia has not participated or supported in any form of conflict what-so-ever and definitely does not plan to do so ever.


Russia is on the alpine continent Tind. Russia's borders are massive, and one could say that the sun never sets over Russia's borders. Russia is a competitive nation and is constantly expanding.

Natural Resources

The borders of Russia contain enormous amounts of natural resources of various types. There is enormous amounts of bauxite, coal, iron, copper, marble, platinum, petroleum, uranium, and stonesilver. There are also many different types of flora such as rubber trees, grapevines, herbs, hemp, oak trees, and hops.


The economy of Russia is very diverse, with many regular exports and imports from the market. There need to be regular imports of food because of the massive food consumption from the growing population.


The leader of Russia has been accused of exporting copious amounts of radioactive materials to unknown buyers. The deals that these sales were made under is unknown as is the intended use for the radioactive material, although it is suspected that it is for nuclear weapons.

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