“We’d rather have our liberty taken by force than give it voluntarily.”
-UseableKnight70, Prime Minister of Saarland

Info and Style of living

The Syndicalist Republic of the Saarburken and Illinois, also known as Saarburken or Saarland, is an costal nation with the capital Remin stationed in the continent of Tind. The citzens of the Saarland enjoy things as the Government defines as: Kahjhs ń Ishvvy orkawa nich (Translates to: 5 year household and life healthcare). That means that every Saarin citizen gets free healthcare and the unemployed get 5 years of free household until they get and job. After the 5 years the person must pay their bills in order to keep living on the building, or they will get expelled to either Nukmak Territory (Located in Westberg) or Ushak Territory (Located in Zaheria)


The First Nation to exist in the Yaskin Peninsula was the Remin City-State, which controled vast areas of the Peninsula. Under the Remin State, the name was changed to Ugynr Kingdom (Ugnyr was the First Leader) which controlled the whole area. Then, after the foundation of the Union of Nations, they changed into the Lalotian Union. The Lalotian Union were huge, and had an unmatched military in the area. But then, L.Union reached Tier 5, and the Raids started. After some raids the Union was weak, but Tinoc was the one that made the Lalotian Union rest forever. They waged war (and won, of course.) so the people decided that the Lalotian Government was weak amd ineffective, And started an revolt

Now, this part is a bit complicated to explain, but I will simplify it. The Lalotian Union was made of various ethnic groups: Lalotians, Barsk, Takmini, etc... So instead of forming an state grouping them all together, they decided to part ways. Thus, Saarland was born.

Even tho the Lalotian Union collapsed, it’s economic legacy is still used in the Yaskin Peninsula. Therefore, Saarland is also a member of the Lalotian Monetary Area (LMA) Thus, making their currency the Lalotian Mark

(More info in Lalotian Civil War [Page])

Military Campaigns

The Saar Armed Forces has engaged in several conflicts, enlisted here:

Lalotian Civil War (Victory, Independence Achieved)

Anglo-Saarin Conflict (Stalemate)

2nd Lalotian Civil War (Victory, Saarland expanded)

1st Saarin Expansion (Victory, Saarin presence in Westberg)

2nd Saarin Expansion (Victory, Tind Initiative starts)

Saar-Illinois War (Stalemate)

3rd Saarin Expansion, or 2nd Saar-Illinois War (Victory, Colonial Illinois is established)

Mirugo War (Loss, some Westberg territory lost)

Saarin colonization of Zaheria (Victory, Ushak Territory established)

War of the Socks (Loss, Compensation)

The Great Yeet Crusade (Victory, Yeet occupation of nalgotas)

OsIrI Conflict (White Peace)


Saarburken is the biggest Nation on the Yaskin Peninsula, in there are the following countries:


Union of Bersk



Poyensbourg Province (Aka Lalotian State)



Since the collapse of GDI, Saarland aimed to reunite all composing nations for a long time, and this time however, it shall happen. Saarland‘s Prime Minister has founded the Nova Global Defense Initiative

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